Star Wars themed engagement photos. That’s one way to do it (22 pics)

These wedding photos done by photographer Michael James. More of his work HERE.

  • a_schoenoprasum

    interforce-ial marriages never work. i give them one year tops.

  • Underbaker

    I was kind of hoping to see him on one knee proposing in the first pic and then in the next picture you see him decapitated with her saying NO.

  • Anonymous

    These 2 have ZERO shot at raising a normal kid

  • SoopDoog

    NEEEEEERRDS!!!!!!!! My pirate wedding was much cooler.

  • Muffin

    Did the red lightsaber go into dildo mode?

    • jaw

      Hahaha dildo mode! Laughed harder than i should have!

    • DCOD

      that's no moon…

  • CalAb13

    #19 Id like to see her without the cloth…… er……. facepaint

  • jdfish2279

    Its just awesome that they share the same passion for something like that. Good for them!

  • windowlicker

    What the fuck are engagement photos? Dressing up like a jedi is goofy enough but getting engagement photos taken? That's pathetic. Grow a pair buddy.

    • Mr. J

      It's very popular these days. I'm not sure why, but I don't mind the money people pay me for them, personally.

  • Dan

    alright, so i get it, they're SW fanatics and want to do pics. Why not do like princess leia for the chick though instead of the painted face thing?? Im not a SW pro, so i dont know if theres significance in darth maul being gay so maybe that was what they're going for?

    • Troll_the_World

      Well said, Sir. Well said.

  • windowlicker

    Wanna know how I know you're gay?

    • Bud

      I literaly clicked reply to write the exact same thing.

  • Jay

    ultra nerds!

  • Zack

    Han shot first.

  • grant

    Dan, ur an idoit

  • Tri140point6

    #19 this is probably the coolest girl in the world…may the force be with them both

  • Guest

    SO DUMB.

  • burnt toast

    You know, while its an awesome display of nerdery, they chose something from Episode 1… I cannot support this.

  • Tri140point6

    #13 The big question is: will she wear the Princess Leia slave girl outfit on the honeymoon?

    • MattKL

      You know she's expecting him to ask. But who says she hasn't worn it for him already?;)

  • drmiranda

    make children you must not

  • mith


  • DanFromDetroit


  • Scott Walsh


  • @psykopengwin

    "Traditional" engagement photos reflect a 50% divorce rate in our country. These two will be together forever.

  • etcrr

    good for them I hope it works

  • At-a-lost-for-words


  • TGor

    Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
    Through passion, I gain strength.
    Through strength, I gain power.
    Through power, I gain victory.
    Through victory, my chains are broken.
    The Force shall free me.

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