Hot Right Now: Interesting thoughts we learned from nostalgic cartoons (20 Photos)

Star Wars themed engagement photos. That’s one way to do it (22 pics)

These wedding photos done by photographer Michael James. More of his work HERE.

  • Dorkfish

    Ya'll know its just a movie,,,,,right?

  • bkfrijoles

    How do i find a woman this cool to marry me?

  • Jala Meladuro

    #13 Soon…
    #14 smile all you want.. You still owe me that BJ

  • Faust

    Awww…he came in the darkside.

  • Anonymous

    there really is some one for every one

  • StaticFX

    "The Gayness is strong in these two"

    • BrettDioson

      Got a woman willing do things like this with him… Lord knows what else. Your argument is invalid.

  • Novakane

    The problem when I website becomes popular is the fuktards start to show up and ruin it for the rest.

  • Jawbone

    I would rather take my vows before Lando than magic sky god anyway. Good for them. The little crucifix she's wearing probably negates my whole statement anyway.

  • gtrzn

    His Light saber is smaller than hers

  • ttyl hef

    since you said to go ahead and laugh… I will… a LOT… at them.

  • Anonymous

    Star trek!!

  • DeuceMan

    haha … that's kinda like seeing a really bad car accident ….. I know it's wrong, but I couldn't look away!

  • MattKL

    Uber-nerdy, but I have to hand it to them for completely not caring about it.

  • Anonymous

    I dont remember this happening in the series!

  • Lolasauraus

    I bet someone fapped to all this…

  • bse35

    well as long as they had fun, it's cool

  • Starfox

    Do a barrel roll

  • Admiral Ackbar

    It's a trap!

  • Da Sandman


  • Anonymous

    San German PR

  • NE_Braska

    This takes booger nerd to a whole new level, but it's pretty cool.

    Mazel Tov, you two!

  • Jude

    Why are these so bad? The color of them is so off and bland. Shitty photographer.

  • mustard

    Wedding photos please!

  • George Lucas

    I was doing the light saber sound effects as I scrolled these photos.

  • boredom_inNY


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