Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

All apologies for the auto-sound earlier. I accidentally had Josh's video below set to auto-play, then promptly got on a plane with no wi-fi (first world problems). It's fixed.

I will be posting a special Thanksgiving 'Chive Everywhere' tomorrow and we'll be lightly posting tomorrow and Friday. Drink in the holiday wherever you are out there, Chivers. Safe travels and enjoy your loved ones, even the in-laws.

If you haven’t seen Josh sit at a grand piano and sing ‘Wild Horses’ to his daughter, this will drag you away…

  • eldiablo

    #49 Lewis u idiot!!

  • Pkevyn

    Couldn't figure out how to make the annoying ad go away, didn't scroll.

  • Willie Bangor

    #40: Sweet holy mother of God …

  • Seldi84

    #7 And her name would be?????
    #34 Hahahahahahahaha

  • sam84944

    #3 I will personally administer your sponge bath!

  • bse35

    who would ever pass up an invitation from a beautiful Chivette from Canada #20

  • Bob

    #20 would love to, just name a time babe..

  • TheBigKahuna

    #40 now that is one glorious ass

  • http://reddit.com everydaywedo


  • ImpressMe

    Not impressed with #26 #27 yesterday…..not impressed today… she looks like a whored out 12 year old.

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002085195744 Tarah Sellars

      lol 🙂

  • Fuck YOu

    these photos are labeled "tuesday dar"

  • FC112

    #39 …..meanwhile in scotland

    • Mike

      Traffic is really baaaad?

  • titsmack

    I like all the comments!! they're really funny!!javascript:insertSmileyNewThread(";)");

  • Cheesr

    #40 and #49!!! Boner jams 2012

  • Mike

    #20..Canadian Chiver auto correcting the spelling of Canadian from candian to CANADIAN. Unless there's a country called Candi…in which case, I apologize to all those living in Candi for not knowing their country.

  • thebluebull

    Somebody find #24 please find her!!!!

    And #26 I found your bra…right mid pic fourth shelf down from the top

    • Burlioz

      to anyone interested, #24 is laura Ivana.

  • grrregg

    #24 and #27 I now know what I want for Christmas.

  • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

    #49 🙂 thats all…

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    #20 "hubababa"

  • Melo

    #49 culo means ass in Spanish

  • etcrr

    #8 nice cave pool

  • CanuckFan

    #7 and #11 Find her!

  • Nnn

    #20 Josie?

  • Curtis E Flush

    #35 also sort of looks like a vagina.

  • sol

    #20 i cant understand why her boobs are close together to close, it hurts my eyes, must have been the cat nip cloudy, i'll wait for a sign to make my move over the border to ass viewage, im pissed.

    • sol

      does that make sense………

      • sol


        • sol


          • sol

            honest think my mother thought i was jewish

            • sol

              why did she let them do it

              • sol

                i feel lost

                • sol

                  shurly Ive lost length and girth

                  • sol

                    i hope girls like it that way

                    • sol

                      its clean tho

                    • sol


                    • sol

                      is jewish the right term? i dont want to sound odd or offensive

                    • sol

                      its ok i think i'll be ok.

                    • sol

                      but its unprotected

                    • sol

                      im sory

                    • sol

                      bye then

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