Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

All apologies for the auto-sound earlier. I accidentally had Josh's video below set to auto-play, then promptly got on a plane with no wi-fi (first world problems). It's fixed.

I will be posting a special Thanksgiving 'Chive Everywhere' tomorrow and we'll be lightly posting tomorrow and Friday. Drink in the holiday wherever you are out there, Chivers. Safe travels and enjoy your loved ones, even the in-laws.

If you haven’t seen Josh sit at a grand piano and sing ‘Wild Horses’ to his daughter, this will drag you away…

  • piaras

    Or the biggest vagina EVER!!!!

    • Dr. Al Koholic

      No, but close, it's a tie with Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian

  • Jim

    Meanwhile, in New Zealand

  • chyeaaa

    GO JOSH!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Adam.M.Hanson Adam Hanson


    WTF, what is this hot orange BS. This should be gray!

  • Simon

    Oh and by the way, you're adopted!

  • https://www.facebook.com/jgibbins James Gibbins

    Is #17 real?

  • nixt3r

    #39 Sheep just got REAL!

    • Dr. Al Koholic

      where men are men and the sheep are scared

  • MATT

    #2 – Goddammit, Chive, STOP posting .gifs at #2! It stalls the whole process because they don't load quickly. Post them down near the vbottom so they're active by the time we get to them! Just common sense!

  • snowballz89

    #21 gaddafied!!!

  • Troy Gillis

    #20 – moar plz! id play with them all day if youd let me.. im canadian too!

  • Troy Gillis

    Its my birthday tomorrow too… if that help my odds any.. 😀

    • Dr. Al Koholic

      happy birthday, don't spend the whole day fapping

  • Berryslippers

    Wow!!!! All I can say is that guy Josh can SING!!! That was AMAZING 🙂

  • il tedesco

    #14 is awesome. she's taking the piss out of all the little whores, who photograph themselves with their iphones in front of the bathroom mirror.

  • Andrew

    #20, You spelled Canadian wrong. Other then that Good job.

    • http://theCHIVE Chiver!

      You used the wrong than. Other THAN that, good job!

  • NoZ

    Somethin about #24…that I like a lot.

    • Rocco

      Could it be that she happens to be gorgeous? or she has a pretty red bow for unwrapping

  • RichG.inIN

    I could not get past #7. Enough said.

  • Ben

    #26 nips.

  • https://www.facebook.com/Milfanie Melanie Thomas

    #22 I was catching up on XFactor tonight and was blown away by Josh's performance. I'm not an over emotional woman, but I cried…The ugly cry because I was so moved. You are brilliant. Your vocals are absolutely beautiful and heal my soul. You are an inspiration to so many and I hope you continue to share your gift. Please…Never. Stop. Singing. I'd love to hear you sing Ray LaMontagne's 'Let It Be Me' or 'Trouble'. If the Chive loved it's Chivettes, they would make this happen for me. Chive on!

    • Dr. Al Koholic

      I'm going to get a shit load of thumbs down for this or deleted but they only care for what gets them more ratings or a better rep

  • DaveK

    I have never voted or watched any of these singing shows in my life…….

    But Josh can SING!!!

    In the world of auto tune and talentless kids from Canada you sir are KING.

    I will keep voting for you and hope you win!

    • Joe

      I can relate

  • Allie H

    #6 can't decide if it's more sad that it looks like candy or if people think birth control is "cute"…

  • http://theCHIVE This guy!

    #24=sheer beauty! We need MOAR of her chive!

  • gdm426

    #20 bpppppppppppppppp

  • Chris C

    Ron Swanson tshirt? where you get?

  • Miso

    #43 …greatest movie…

  • kong

    #39 suddenly sheep

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