It’s Thanksgiving, you should get away (20 HQ Photos)

  • Mister

    Fantastic start to my day, love #16

    • Guest


    • Dirty Dingus

      Moraine Lake and the Valley of the 10 Peaks.

      • RDM

        Was there this past summer, probably one of the nicest places i have ever been. Just unreal

        • Schwartz

          So glad I live only about an hour from this place and so many other areas like it. Going on a hike to the top of some of those mountains is the best thing in the world.

    • Cmack

      Windows 7 theme – Canada

  • maboze1x

    Now I have to change my desktop pic again! 🙂

    • Cheddarz

      But which one to choose!

      • maboze1x

        That will be tough! 🙂

        • Chieftain

          Take them all and have a new one each day load up

      • BentWrenches

        I picked #16

    • Hand of Fate

      Yeah, maybe if they actually posted them in Wallpaper resolution size, I would, lol.

      • its_forge

        Pff, like it's that big a difference. They don't need to be full resolution because they're *backgrounds.* You're not going to sit there all day staring at them, they go *behind* your other shit. Also dick-swinging "I have a 4096×2160 monitor" noted.

  • Steverino

    The Snake river and the Teton Mountains !…..went down that river in a canoe and yes, it was an epic trip !

  • warouvish

    More like #6. Big ass pics!

    • Dirty Dingus

      Lake Louise, Banff National Park.

    • kidn

      i lived there for 4 months. it's a nice place, not going to lie.

  • James

    #18 singapore rocks

    • Lee

      What hotel is that?

      • isawoj

        Marina Bay Sands Resort.

    • thesideburnyone

      awesome. Singaporean Chivers!

    • Justin Barbour

      The best part of that pool is that you can get hookers just outside the hotel. Hookers!

    • Dhiraj

      I'm a Singaporean Chiver living in San Francisco. so glad to see a picture of back home. was there watching it get built slowly piece by piece. masterpiece.

  • Christian Lander

    Stuff White People Like # 51, Living By the Water

    It is hardly a secret that all white people love being near water. And why wouldn’t they? It has so many of the activities that they love to do: swimming, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, and it’s a perfect place to read next to.

    But before we move on, let’s not gloss over that last point. White people love to be near a body of water so they can read a book, while sitting nearby. The process of reading is somehow heightened through the process of doing it near some water. Extreme reading!

    But when you think long term, it’s important to realize that all white people either own/wish to own/plan to own/will own some sort of property near a body of water. Rather than say all white people want to live on the ocean, it’s important to break it up and apply it across the regions.

    On the west coast, all white people want to live as close to the beach as possible. One look at the demographics for Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica, Hermosa Beach, Newport Beach, and Laguna Beach will reveal this fact through tangible numbers.

    On the East Coast, many white people dream of owning ocean front property in New England, where they can make their lives as close as possible to a J. Crew catalog.

    And in the landlocked states, the dream of lakefront property is alive and well.

    It is also worth noting that often times, white people will purchase second homes near water if they cannot accommodate the dream in their own city. Often times they want to buy within driving distance, but the need for life near water is so great that they will even consider buying in other countries.

    To a white person, a view of water from your house is the greatest achievement in life. And you should remember this when discussing your hopes and dreams with white people. It is also important that you choose a water sport (swimming, fishing, kayaking, etc) that you pretend to like. That way, you can talk about how when you move to your waterfront property you can just wake up in the morning and [insert outdoor activity], right from your front door.

    Mountain views are also acceptable, but generally seen as a poor substitute.

    • dwayne


      • Black Panther

        Fuck you, you cracker-jack yakoo trog clampett caulkie linthead white-fig frosty pastyface mullethead golden-toe whitebread brady cracker baijo hoopie aryan crisco redneck powder wasp hillbilly mayflower anglo goober opie casper vanilla white-trash marshmallow bunker honkey flour-bag flat-ass blowfish confederate whitey roundeye khao-khao hay-seed peckerwood!

        • BentWrenches

          ^^^ funny shit there^^^

    • Giggedy

      As it has a slight racist touch, I'm not going to say anything about since i'm white, live 3 miles (which is still too much) from the coast at 2 meters below sealevel and work on a ship as navigator. Not to mention my dream is, indeed walking on the beach from my bedroom.

    • Bubba

      Your point being?

    • Flutzy

      Ssshhhh you're boring

    • scott


      • socialeship

        Mountain lake house for the win!

    • Anonymous

      Whitey must be keeping u down. White people r not the only people who want to live by water. I have no clue wut ur race is but im sure no one would mind if u left and never came back. KEEP CALM……DUMBASS

    • Underbaker

      While the tone of the message seems slightly racist, I would like to look past that and say you may be on to something here. I am a white person and cannot deny the attraction of living close to water, but I do question if this is limited to white people. After all water is needed to live and offers a ready source of food in abundance, why wouldn't people in general be attracted to living close to it. It has been a source of sustenance for as long as man has recorded anything and you could say it is a primal urge to do so.

    • Huh?

      Would it be racist to say it's because we can swim?

      • Jason Darnell

        you sir…………winning

    • Bezaile

      Indoor plumbing counts too, right?

    • Chill

      It's from a blog called "Stuff White People Like." Writen by a borderline hipster, poking fun at hipsters. lmgtfy.

    • its_forge

      Gosh I wish you'd die from crotch rot.

    • Bobolog

      Water is required to hydrate us, grow crops, raise cattle, fish, and for personal hygiene and overall health. It's possible that white people like to live near water because they have an innate sense for living near to the things required for survival, and are acutely aware that their actions have consequences. The opposite to this would be living in a desert in Africa where there's not enough food or water to sustain the population, breeding like rabbits and just hoping for the best (i.e. that white people will send you some of their food and water).

    • Marine Dad

      hay seed peckerwood. That's a new one , have not been called that before. I tried to find the bad in this but he's right. And to me that makes it even more funnier. I find myself making fun of the differences between the races, none of us are going anywhere. We work , live side by side. And I am no where near perfect. Ok Mr. Lander where is your perfect place? You mentioned most of mine already.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #7 #20 the day the sky was on fire

  • Jedi_Ninja

    #20 – IS BEAUTIFUL! Come see the Sandia Mountains in Alb, NM sometime — EASILY beats this sun set .. BUT THAT SKYLINE however combined with the sunset … is amazing!

    • amony

      I'm from Alb. and was thinking that picture really does look like one of our sunsets.

      • SimonPhoenix

        Awesome! Well, I attend UNM .. want to do a chive meet up sometime?_I havne't seen man Chivers in NM .. I have slowly converted about 20 Anderson Biz School students and one of the ASUNM Officers, BUT THAT'S ABOUT IT. __=(__Since we have a NON-EXSISTENT FOOTBALL team, I didn't feel like sending in any of the College Day Photos . _BUT .. if you are an ABQ Chiver and you know of other ABQ Chivers.. let's have a meet up and send in some photos!!

        • Ede

          Seriously. I just moved here from LA. Where are the ABQ Chivettes?

          • amony

            Hiding in their basements as far away from you as possible?



  • Binch

    #14 – Trakai, in Lithuania. Awesome.

  • lmoses03

    #19 Pamukkale – Turkey

    Gorgeous view, unfortunately isn't as white as it use to be due to the constant tourists visiting.
    Still absolutely amazing. 😀

    • azry

      I think you mean #9, #19 looks like Last Mountain Lake in Saskatchewan from Buena Vista.

  • ZachM

    Is #7 the way to Mordor?

    • Bubba

      No Dorothy, this is the yellow brick road.

  • etcrr

    they are all breath-taking, would love to go to them all, #6 is incredible

    • Dirty Dingus

      Lake Louise.

  • Notworking

    Lots of great pics (and new desktops). #15 amazed me partly because of the tractor working on the steep mountain side.

    • Damn!

      Hate to disappoint you, but the ground is actually horizontal & the image has been rotated (look at the fence posts & sedimentary rock layers).

      Still a very cool image

      • all

        If it's rotated, it means that the slope in the background is actually a vertical wall? I'll rather belive that the fence is perpendicular on the ground…

  • bse35

    at least 16 new wallpapers, can't go anywhere with today's economy but if I could, I would go to #16

    • Dirty Dingus

      Moraine Lake

  • markbrev

    ~9 Pamukkale in Turkey. Didn't look quite whenI was there.

  • chicago

    #4 I would bury my feet so deep into the sand I would never leave. But bury them within arms reach of the hotel bar…. keepin' it real.

    • ComeAtMeBro

      My thoughts exactly.

  • damdaux

    where is the number 4 ?

  • ImpressMe

    #16 … new wallpaper…. awesome

  • wowza

    #18 i want to be there yesterday

  • Cracka Jack

    6 and 16 are Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. Going this weekend.

  • theobjectivesea

    +16 is Moraine Lake, Near Lake Louise in Alberta Canada. It closes near the end of September/early October and doesn't open again until June because the road leading up to it is a bit on the shady side. It is about a 2.5 hour drive from Calgary.

  • Frameboy

    Can the HQ's be more HQ?

  • Shak

    If any of u live close to any of these places except for #18 I HATE U!

    • Dhiraj

      born and raised in Singapore baby!!

  • Austin Steele

    Anyone know where #17 is?

    And #16 is beautiful.

    • Greg Wilson

      17 is Toledo, Spain, along the Tajo (Tagus) River. Wonderful city.

    • kidn

      #16 is like a 15 minute drive from #6

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