Happy Thanksgiving from Chivers Everywhere (78 Photos)

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  • andy

    this album made me smile after an awful week at work. love it.

  • Adam

    #35 #36 Bora Bora is amazing had a port call there last year.

  • Connor MacManus

    #59 I'm jealous your fiancé is a lucky guy you are a cutie.

    • Jesi

      Awh thanks Connor! 🙂 I think I'm the lucky one though 😉

  • Curtis the Great

    #74 has given me a great idea for my fire helmet

  • BILL

    Then i will take a picture of me in a mirror with my i phone

  • berkshires

    #46 Thank you LG!! love you in white!

  • alex

    #56, are you in chicago, i swear that i saw that post-it dig-dug downtown, or maybe im just going crazy

    • Post it Chivette

      I am not! I'm sorry 😦

      • brose consecbro

        Roger Williams chiver ftw

  • Greg

    Cornbread Stuffing is by far the WORST item in any MRE, feel bad for whoever got that in #42

    • Greg

      #49 my bad

  • thetech2

    #77 thats sad cmon chive pick a charity and lets just do it everyone put in half a dollar but make it a damn fucking not corporate charity

  • Anonymous

    #15 Pics or didn’t happen.

  • b52

    #15 Pics or it didn't happen.

  • Sigh

    No offense but this keep calm chive on sht is getting old and lame.

  • brad

    #33 ok what aircraft is capable of that, i fly with a garmin 100 and the best i can do is scroll xm radio

    • brad

      garmin 1000*

  • Drew

    Pic #7 Chive on from Carolina Beach NC

  • Alex

    #78 Glad to see some other Chivers Rockin it in the Kimberley!!!! Fuck ya!!!

  • http://tagnbag.org ImAwesome

    #69 Freebirds!

  • Jason

    #77……past all the hotness & cuteness & laughs on this site……that made my day, good show Chiver/Chivette!

  • Frank Mitchelli

    #17 unless she walks into a door first

  • Edaea_Sinid

    #37 Awesome man, congrats!

    #38 Sexy as hell!

  • MisfitsFan

    #37 Literally shit my pants!
    Solid show guys!

  • ESPNdoll

    #77, I am sitting in the airport in Vancouver right now from my connecting flight in hawaii, and i just started to tear up…super moving stuff. thanks chive.

  • http://twitter.com/MissRachelJane @MissRachelJane

    #56 You go girl!!

  • Julia

    #63 – Is that at the Maadi House? I was in Egypt when the Colts Cheerleaders came to the Maadi House and my high-school at the time.

  • MCS

    #57 I love that the fact that she got a "Keep Calm" shirt was more important (by virtue of its placement within her statement) was more important than getting engaged. Keep Calm, and CTFO (Chive The "Fruit" On)

  • Jon

    Who t he hell wouldnt marry number 59? That is one luck man, and one beautiful human!

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