Cat Saturday (31 Photos)

  • ALberto



    • Needle


      • Haystack

        Home what, erectus, sapien, rudolfensis, habilis?
        You've really not narrowed it down to which homo you are on about.

        • The Doctor

          Science win!

          • Jas

            Virginity win!

    • Hungryhippo

      71 people are butthurt from not being first.

  • I is




    • mister

      Nope Sloppy seconds

    • Roberto

      Haters gonna hate, classic

  • blood_trail

    in the departure lounge in San Salvadore airport — NEEDED catz…….Chive on from El Salvadore

    • KroD

      Hello from tha US fellow dude. Anyone else think that last jaguar looks like the one "i had it all" guy that works for the chive? Prolly jus me. ok peace.

      • Duvel

        Now you mention it..
        And his first name is Mac, last name The intern. Get your chive together geez

  • Brian King

    My dog could kick your cat's ass!

    • Problem? :!

      your dogs a pussy!

    • Tyson

      My Tiger could eat your dog.

      Just Sayin'

      • Mike Tyson

        Yea well my pigeon could fly by and take a poop on your tiger that ate the dog that beat up the cat.

        • Tyson


  • gaga


  • Tony

    "Geez, can't a cat drop a duece in private?!?"

  • etcrr

    #7 #10 #11 Wow beautiful women nice cleavage, there's something about women playing with their pus— kitty's that I love

    • Firstgradeteacher

      Dude. Did you drop out of school in the eight grade ?

      • DaddyD

        One minor punctuation error? First grade grammar Nazi is more like it.

      • etcrr

        no, but I do have a very different sense of humor, which isn't for everyone and apparently not you

    • tapsnapornap

      playing with their kitty's what?

  • SpacemanSpiff

    #8 pink eye, she got it

  • Me Myself
  • rayray

    # 7, # 10, # 11….. Hot girls and kitties 😀

    • bbb

      Try without SPACE
      #7 #10 #11

  • Shevyridenhigh

    Chive On from South Carolina! Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

  • Intensemasterdebater

    #18 And Fluffy reluctantly signed the letter of intent only after being reassured that pussy is completely safe in the Penn State locker room…

    • tapsnapornap

      Thumbs up for comment and name!

  • etcrr

    #2 I luvz you daddy

  • Dan

    #24 Furry alert!

    • zenner15

      Is that a Mac Pro with a screen in the side of it?

  • Brian



  • Brian


    Pedokitty approves

  • doctorgonzomd

    #6 Geaux Tigers and S.E.C.!!!!!

    • Quicktim

      Looks like we have a few people not too fond of our 12-0 season. It's all good baby and Geaux Tigers!

    • MaddHatter

      Geaux Tigers!

  • bigdaddy

    #6 Geaux Tigers. Gonna win it all.

  • WTF

    Nothing better than a little pussy.

  • Needle

    GA vs. GT!
    Chive On from Atlanta. Go Dawgs!

  • Willieboy

    Oh thank heaven for 7 and 11

  • Doctor_What

    #27 well done, sir!

  • Jason Johnson

    #7 is a cutie

    • Anon

      if thats how you describe perfect cleavage then yes she is.

  • Mr Los

    #27 – pretty cool
    But Batman isn’t a pussy

  • Notworking

    #11 and #7 work for me

    • Login

      In which company?

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