Amanda and the Coast Guard do their best to keep the drugs out of Puerto Rico (17 Photos)

The pictures are of me and my shipmates at Station San Juan. We do boardings on different boats, seize migrants from the Dominican Republic mostly, and the occasional drug bust. Usually not as large as the USCGC Mohawk but it still keeps drugs out of Puerto Rico. We work hard and play hard.
Thanks Amanda for sending these in.

  • Jon

    I wanna see more of her

  • Neo

    the sunset is beautiful

  • etcrr

    Kick ass Amanda and the other women and men, thank you for your service

  • bse35

    Thanks for the service to our country keep up the good work! Boggs you're a hottie

  • Anonymous

    Love San Juan was there on a 110 out of north Carolina

  • R2GFan

    Boggs is definitely a cutie.

    • Franklin1138


  • BigW

    MOAR!!!!!!! She is a big hit with the RAF!!!

  • water islander

    these coast guard work near st Thomas sometimes and Ive met boggs and she hit me with a 1000$ fine for not having an up to date life jacket
    but thank you for your service to the country even though you cost me some money thank you
    P.S. boggs your hot!

    • amanda

      I never wrote any fines, I personally cant do that.

  • locksmith

    need to find boggs we may live so close.

    • water islander

      st thomas

  • coastie

    pretty sure most of these pictures are OPSEC…

  • cory


  • La La

    How is that OPSEC? None of the pictures show any information about the Coast Guard. You can't see any radio frequencies or anything. Everything in the pictures is everything you can find out with a quick internet search.

  • anonymous

    Hey LaLa! Why don’t you learn what OPSEC even is! Theeeen you will know that this IS completely against OPSEC 🙂

  • GuitarSkater

    #16 looking good shipmate!

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