Behind the scenes Sunday (17 Photos)

  • kigero

    #12 Chloe Moretz and Asa Butterfield are there as well

  • SOD


  • It's420Somewhere

    #17 is epic. The rest are pussies.

  • Anonymous

    Correction 17 and 4 are epic…

  • Jon

    All are epic

  • @wfs_

    You guys should totally make these photos even smaller! Maybe 300px and we could call it "Movie Glasses Sunday" or something punny like that!

    Seriously: Its fucking 2011, not 1999. I know those photos came in large sizes, so why must you subject us to tiny resizes?

    • bonerman

      I guess because this site has to totally fit on smartphone screens, etc. There should be larger image links though, I agree.

      Niiice legs, Tina #10

  • big red

    #1 GDT is awesome, sad he didn't direct Hobbit, I think very highly of PJ I just wanted to see Hobbit through GDT's eyes. In fact I would love to see anything through GDT's eyes he seems to have shut down his directing duties. I love all his films, bar Mimic which I haven't seen and I was lucky enough to talk to him at a signing in NZ he is just such a nice guy, I hope his health is ok. Sorry GDT but your trillogy vampire novel is bollox as well, awesome idea, kind of an extension of blade 2, same type of vampire.

  • Jess

    #1 Your next mission: Kill Edward Cullen!!!

  • Shevyridenhigh

    CHIVE. get your shit together

  • B Line (@asylumstudio)

    Some of these are epic

  • Franklin1138

    #17 You shaid the linesh in hish voish, didn't you?

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