Soooo…. you got wasted (26 Photos)

  • Coastie


    • Tyson

      Your mother must be so proud.

    • Teaganz

      Just… why? I don't even understand why in the hell this matters to everyone so damn much…

      I mean, it must be wonderful to get to sit on your computer all day just hitting the refresh button until another new post comes up. And I'm sure once it does, not even looking at the pictures so you can rush to the bottom of the page and type those 5 letter that will let everyone who follows you know just how much of a douche-bag you really are, is a fantastic feeling…

      But in all honesty, I just don't see the point… Care to elaborate on the significance of this particular comment?

      • DaddyD

        Teaganz — you have answered your own question. The people who do this (a) have nothing better to do, (b) get a thrill out of beating ANYONE at SOMETHING, and (c) get an ever bigger thrill out of irritating their social and intellectual superiors (like you and me).

        So just thumb them down and go on about your merry way.

  • Dex

    #8 Funniest damn clown I've ever seen

    • learn a lesson

      is that AssClown?

    • goonertilidie

      How did the person taking this photo get so high? It looks like he is 10 feet tall…

      • Mike

        He was one of those clowns on stilts.

  • bigcat72

    #19 Atta girl!

    • LansingMI

      First, Coors Light…then, democracy!

  • first


    • Giraffe

      First to suck at coming first, yes you are.

    • DaddyD

      Two time loser … or more. Probably complete loser.

  • dano

    #21 is hot…need MOAR of her ASAP

    • learn a lesson

      before the husband wakes up?

  • tbaker67tbaker67


    • Tyson

      No, no you are not.
      Now hang your head in shame.

  • tbaker67tbaker67

    Dang it!

  • dbolusaf

    #24 i wanna do this 🙂

    • learn a lesson

      and burn your house down fucktard

      • Herp Derp

        It's hand sanitizer, it won't burn the house down.

  • Gorillavich


    • Tyson

      Dude….you need a new hobby.

  • tbaker67tbaker67

    #8…nothing more funny than a clown passed out on the side of the road

    • SpacemanSpiff


  • qwert


    • Tyson

      Not even close qwert.

  • Kyle Shubert

    #24 Let's light the guy's shoes on fire, it'll be funny!

    • bob dole

      looks like its at a fire department

      • DaddyD

        Looks more like a fraternity.

        • Kay2

          Like he said; a fire department

  • jasonsapunka

    #10 Challenge accepted.

  • TheAndychrist

    May the Chive be with you.

  • goonertilidie

    #5 Find her. The girl in the middle, not the girl throwing up. Well, maybe the girl throwing up. But let her sober up first.

    • Cocrates

      She goes to UC Santa Barbara. Typical bill's bus ride taking everyone's drunk ass home from downtown, including barf queen

    • passwordistaco

      Check out the look on that guy's face, he's not even phased, no way it's his first time holding a bag for her

  • nrvousbreakdnce

    #4 is something I could get wasted with anytime

    • varlotto

      traffic cones are great wingmen

    • phydor

      the one on the right looks horny

      • BleedC&B

        Both looks real fine. Great bodies for sure

  • Terry Burke

    #2 he's back!

    • learn a lesson

      his answer would be, fuck, I changed my mind

      • dbolusaf

        scumbag steve…needs that stupid hat knocked off his face

  • Damien

    #14 tequila, for whatever reason, makes me up chuck.

    • hMMMM

      "it won't happen with GOOD tequila, just try some! I swear!" – i fucking hate that.

  • MrRushing

    #10 – I accept your challenge.

  • Sarahw24

    How can I know when chive shirts are in stock?

    • Tyson

      When they tell you.

      • learn a lesson

        but you have to order them as they are posting said notice

        • Lotus

          They're annoying… I wouldn't support anyone who isn't decent enough to at least have a system down where I could order a shirt and have it printed in a reasonable time frame. This limited number of shirts thing seems to be an attempt to make the product "cooler" than it actually is.

          Also, it is really upsetting that I'm complaining about shirts on a humor website, the chive used to be better before they started selling merch.

          • hMMMM

            agree with everything you said, but you gotta respect the trade. They had a great opportunity to have a whole other revenue stream and they did it, maybe at the expense of pissing some people off. If I was in their shoes…

  • Anonymous

    26#- hilarious!

  • Kbell

    #8 – Krusty's really on a downward spiral 😦

  • Bro

    #6 bromosapiens.

    • learn a lesson

      strage bed fellows indeed

      • learn a lesson


    • dbolusaf

      meanwhile @ the holiday inn

  • Matty Rochelle

    #1 Jackpot!!!!

  • theonlyguybeingreal

    #1 will be on the news crying about how she got raped tomorrow. Forgive me for not crying for you.

    • Thomas

      Because she’s unconscious, it is ok to fuck her? You are what’s wrong with everything. I hope you get gang raped by a pack of horny horses you sorry piece of dildo!

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