Soooo…. you got wasted (26 Photos)


    i think #24 is just firemen fucking around… no alcohol (besides rubbing alcohol) involved

  • ling

    #4 tricked her friend into putting her head into that cone by saying it was filled with self tanner.

  • Hopeful Harry

    #17 JACKPOT !!………..oh wait, it's a guy…….

    • Giraffe

      Doesn't matter still had sex.

      • Joe

        that's wrong

  • bkfrijoles

    #6 now that's a Bromance

  • MIndOverMatter

    #21 Moar!

  • IAmKazaam

    #25, RIP Bernie Mack

    • Giraffe

      …that aint bernie mac, that is just a black guy.

  • waltgator

    #23 must be shopped, cuz theres no way they got chive shirts!?!?

    • Giraffe

      or you know they ordered them on time.

      • waltgator

        what time? 2 am? 9 am? 6pm? hehe dude every day im there & nada

    • Zero

      Racist dumb ass

  • theonlyguybeingreal

    @Thomas- NO ONE said it was ok. Lets look at it from this perspective. No one should put themselves in that position. Its irresponsible and ignorant. She is a moron. You don’t leave your car unlocked in the ghetto, why? Because you don’t want your shit jacked. You shouldn’t get plastered and pass out in random places why? Next time, think before you reply jackass.

    • Giraffe

      You know you can just reply to people not make an @ post, dude it's not twitter.

      • theonlyguybeingreal

        Its more fun that way.

  • Katie

    Mac the Intern, you are now my hero. I didn't think there'd be any posts today I was like T.T

  • notthisguyagain

    every sunday i awake from my drunken slumber and think to myself 'i was such a drunken asshole last night.'
    then i chive it up and feel much better about my life. thank you again chive.

    • Giraffe

      Nah you're just an asshole whether drunk or not.

  • etcrr

    #5 two dyed blondes are gorgeous

  • Bret Van Arsdale

    #21, is my ex- Fiance

    • dbolusaf

      correction, my fuckhole

    • Sleezy

      Then you've got to have pictures worth sharing! C'mon!

    • Brittanie

      excuse me sir… i have never been anyones fiance. good try though.

  • Jdeezy

    #16 is awesome!

  • bananah

    #17 dear diary: jackpot!

    • bananah

      jesos chrust, posting before checking the comments section just calls for trouble.

  • Rdnckff

    #24 …I HOPE HE AIN'T WASTED….seeing is how that is a firefighter and he is in the firehouse! LOL! Way to go, Brother….let the world know that we are all a bunch of pyros at heart. LOL!

    • thealmightybeerman

      Who better to know how to put out a fire than one that likes to light them?

  • Henk82

    #5 please find the middle girl!!!!

    • learn a lesson

      Google Mona Lotte

  • joe

    #18 mcfaddens is the worst chain bars ever! A bunch of scum bag steve's in there!

  • Yepper

    #4 Stellar legs (and everything else from the looks of it) on the conehead.

    • womennotdyingtrees

      stellar? more like disgustingly bony. they are twigs!

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  • It's420Somewhere

    #15. Did you suck his penis before or after you took this? Jerks.

    Also, learn how to use apostrophes. Idiots.

  • Jamie


    Shameless self-promoting.

  • ZestyRusty

    # 20: I present- Sir Paul McCartney.

  • fibonaci5150

    im not that drink

  • Joel

    #7 Ah Wrigley. A baseball field inside a bar.

  • lol

    #26 rocks haha

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