Black Friday was a real s%^* show this year (24 Photos)

  • teh dude

    My god people are stupid.

    • DarrenVonChive

      White trash and poor blacks are stupid – and very desperate for any amount of $$$$ of savings when it comes to large ticket (for their small apartments) TV's – as the higher amount of welfare bucks they can save the better chance they can save for next years Black Friday.

      • Prince Bobo

        As ambassador for the white trash people of Great Hideaway RV Park, I must contend that you accusations are baseless. The idea that we could save our welfare dollars for a year is absurd*.

        * – The time that Teddy lost his welfare check under his work boots cannot be considered as savings.

      • @EcoRetroBling

        Actually stupidity is a species-wide problem as you clearly demonstrate…

    • Red

      Losers – Every. Single. One.

    • stu piddassel

      This is the real life version of a Chive Shirt release…

    • BigRick69


    • ling

      perfect example of why people from other countries ridicule us.

      • Rest of the World

        yeah, pretty much.

  • Warsmurf

    What the hell is wrong with people?

    • Thomas Pickett

      The same thing that's wrong with the people that wait outside of sporting good stores for "championship" apparel. They HAVE to be the first to buy it!

    • buzz

      they get stuff that they can't even afford and be buried in debt and blame it on someone else, i.e., banks, federal reserve, rich people and everyone who happens to be in the fictional "1%"

      • Ned Flanders

        Retards the shop at Walmart on a Black Friday don't have the mental capacity to be upset at banks and the 1%

    • Bastid

      My guess would be a lot!

  • someguy

    "Shit show?" I think the slang you meant was "shit storm."

    • Davinport

      looks like a shitticane to me!

      • DrROBOTO

        Mr. lahey, have you been drinking again?

        • cheezebits

          Not another night of the shitabyss Mr. Lahey.

  • eli

    I work for a gamestop and the people at my store went bat shit crazy

    • Bud

      I gave a thumbs up on your comment for both the comment itself and your awesome job.

  • Freddie

    This shit just makes me feel sorry for people…

  • this is sparta

    #24 Am I the only one who thinks that the acting on this show is just terrible?

    • fed

      sadly, you are right. the only reason i watch it is, well, the zombies. but it could use MOAR BRAAAAAINSSSSSSS!

    • therealguy

      you're in the minority of who thinks the acting sucks, and those are the mindless zombies who only get stimulated by "brains" and gore.

      • it's

        Actually fed was making a joke. By "Moar Brains" he didn't mean that he wanted to see litterally more brains on this show, but rather more intelligent dialogues and character developpement. Although I personaly like the concept of the show I have to agree that the actors and the faces the make while they talk are just ridiculous.
        So before you accuse someone of being a mindless zombie maybe switch on your own brain.

      • fgg

        when you look at story, writing, dialogue, and acting, the show is not good. there's no likeable characters either. sure the zombie stuff can be cool, but really, there isn't even that much of it.

    • Chris

      It truly does suck, but much like the Star Wars prequels, look what they have to work with… The kid should get an Emmy for that seizure, however.

    • Travis

      Yes you are

    • StaticFX

      no.. its not great. But, in reality… there are so many shows that really show not even be on the air they are so bad. At least this one is entertaining. I just find so much of it unrealistic. How is it that the military was defeated by zombies? Hello… if you are in a TANK.. why the FK would you get out!!! lol

      • Don113

        That's in pretty much every zombie survival movie/comic/graphic novel. The story starts out with the military already defeated long before, but they never show you how. Apparently a group of ragtag survivors with a motley assortment of weapons and rudimentary training is a lot more effective at dealing with zombies than, oh, I don't know, a fucking tank company.

      • rable

        eventually you run out of fuel, gotta make a brake for it sometime

    • Malkintosh22

      I wholeheartedly disagree. I think this is one of the few zombie shows -or even shows currently on air- that is actually great. If you can accommodate the cliched premise where the military is already defeated, this show is excellent. In fact, I was just watching the latest episode this morning and I thought to myself, "wow, this camera-work is great." which is something that goes unnoticed. More than just the camerawork, however, I think that the story is well written and the acting is great but maybe a little overacted.

      Breaking Bad may be better, though.

      • DrROBOTO

        its a good show, but they are seriously drawing out their time on that farm way too fucking long. this whole season could have been reduced down to three episodes tops. plus last seasons finale blew goats.

      • gff

        breaking bad is in a different league.

    • Edaea_Sinid


    • Herp Derp


    • brookie

      Although it's true to the graphic novel to some degree, I personally feel that when I relax every sunday night, rather than character development coming out of the wazoo i just want to see some good old fashioned head shots and gore

  • Pokepoke

    Can someone explain to the non-USA ppl here WTF is going on…

    • teh dude

      Black friday. Day after thanksgiving, store do a "sale" every year, where they go from "red to black" in profits, and shopper save money on xmas shopping.

      but with the internet and such things, its really just a relic and people use it as an excuse to go batshit crazy. Furthermore, there are better deals to be had after xmas is over.

      its just strait up bullshit marketing.

    • Ander

      Just another lesson in ridiculous American greed where the middle and lower class go out and spend money they don't have on shit they don't need because we are materialistic

      • Joe

        just to complement your note:
        They buy shit they don't need, with money they don't have, to impress people they don't like

        • BaBaBaBaBaBabran

          I don't know I bought that $200 42 inch for myself because it's awesome and Skyrim looks sick on it. Yeah I think that's how I'll justify trampling two children to death.

          • Alan Garner

            for some reason i don't bag on america for stuff like this. sure they don't NEED this stuff. but life can be fked up for some people. and maybe having a 42" HDTV makes their miserable existence somehow more tolerable. or they can't afford to buy their kid a Barbie dream house unless it's half off. sure there are douchebags out there, but one jerks pepper sprays a few people and suddenly it's the rule?
            walmart is more of a problem in the big picture, than the ner-dowells shopping there

    • StrongAsMeat

      Americans are fucking crazy.

      • PWNT

        Everybody is crazy man. But these numbers are smaller than they look. Personally in my town, we have about 90,000 people. The stores fill up with about 10,000 altogether on black friday, about 500-1000 throughout the day per major store. That means about 1 in 9 people is crazy. Please don't judge the rest of us for how these lunatics act.

      • thepoopsmith

        Americans may be crazy but at least you aren't speaking German. unless of course you are German then i say to you guten tag.

    • adamcoasttocoast

      The dumbing down of our country. That's what is going on

    • rable

      People spending their wellfare check

    • Bored

      Human cattle.

  • Smh..

    #23 When isn't it a shit show? Killing thanksgiving… Next year stores will open at 7pm. Bright side: At least noone died this year…(sad that this is something to look forward to) Enjoy your Xbox, Timmy.

    • teh dude
      • Smh..

        Wow.. That's just fucking sad.. people are disgusting.

        • black27696

          Didn't read the whole article huh? The first three quarters were a lie:

          "While some news organizations say that no one helped the collapsed man, his wife refuted this report.

          Lynne Vance said six nurses shopping in the store came to her husband's rescue and performed CPR until paramedics arrived, notes the Sunday Gazette Mail."

          • Smh..

            and this small useless piece of information overshadows the fact that people carelessly trampled the man?

    • tralfaz

      Poor noone, he was a good man.

  • Anonymouse

    #24, that's how I feel about the whole black Friday thing so I stay the fuck away.

    • coulditbe

      Also, it reminds us all about how that show used to actually have zombies…season 2 has been so lame.

      • Jon

        Seriously, if it wasn't for the last 5 minutes of the mid season finale I was going to give up on this show. Leave the farm or take it over by force already.

  • Wet_tosti

    #7 zombie apocalypse!!

  • Thomas Pickett

    #16 #17 #18 #19 #20
    OCCUPY BEST BUY! Protest the corporate machine! MY KID WANTS A LEAP PAD DAMNIT! lolz
    What's sad is statistically, the best time to buy electronics is the third week of December (18th-24th this year). Prices during that time are, on average, 10%-20% lower than the so-called "Black Friday deals".

    • rlogan75

      p.s. Hook 'em lol

  • Finn

    At my local Toys R Us some guys did a pepper spray drive by…

  • Escelante

    This is why we should be extinct.

    • Giraffe

      No, this is why American shoppers need a reality check and still have moral standards on that day.

  • buzz

    no wonder banks needs alot of stimulus, americans spend too much on credit card and they can't even afford to pay for it and in the end they blame the banks for their "greed"

    • passwordistaco

      Whoa there hero, we have a fair share of credit card debt but that isn't why the banks went under or needed "stimulus". Too much to get into here but to sum it up, banks ARE greedy, people are just stupid.

  • Dick Naylor

    #1 Welcome Black Friday Shoppers! Please Check Your Dignity At The Door!

    • Kenny

      McDonalds must of been having a sale, or something.

  • Juan

    I would RATHER face #24 than Black Friday crowds.

  • Tyler Macias

    Outside of buffets, this is probably the fastest you will see fat people moving.

  • llew

    i love how the USAs black friday is a massive shopping spree and in the UK black friday is the last friday before christmas where everyone just goes out and gets absolutely hammered 🙂 i choose the latter personally

    • Franklin1138

      Me too. I feel the need to help this tradition gain a foothold in America. Who will join me in this quest?


    #4 office depot….really

    • montago

      i was also wondering what the fuck would be at office depot. First person that gives me any hanging file folders for Christmas is getting slapped.

      • JMikeH

        Office Depot sells computers and tablets.

    • Lisa

      right? who the fuck needs office supplies that badly…

    • bandeti


  • doctorgonzomd

    #8 To go through all of that nonsense for two FUCKING WESTINGHOUSE (Utter Garbage) TVs!? FAIL!!!

    • StaticFX


      • Mark Rea

        You win at rounding.

    • Dick Folgers

      Yeah but she SAVED 40 bucks…crazy bitch. WDE doc!

      • doctorgonzomd

        WDE!!! Maybe not so much this yeatr, But I'm no fair weather fan!!

    • Paul

      Meh, $300 for a 46" TV ain't bad, even if it is garbage.

  • canadiangun

    #24 LOL

  • Zeus

    bunch of fat people fighting for things they don't need

    • Brand_n

      You spelled it wrong: it's 'MERICA!!!!!11!!

  • RiddleMeDead

    This seriously makes me question humanity…

  • theyellowfever

    #4 Seriously? Gotta save money on those pens, I guess.

    • hgsb

      lol but office depot has computers and stuff too

  • Chubby

    Embarrassing to watch these photos.

    • rable

      whats embarrasing is the fact that they are all just falling more and more into debt

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