The Trifecta: Chive Logo Tees, BMF, and KCCO Available Now!

lead cyber The Trifecta: Chive Logo Tees, BMF, and KCCO Available Now!

Today, for the first time ever, we’re making the Chive Logo Tees, Bill Fucking Murray, and KCCO available at the same time. Even though this is our largest shipment ever, we’re not even going to pretend these are going to last long with the holiday demand. We will try to have one more release before Christmas around the 11th or 12th or December but it doesn’t look like we’ll have BMF for that one. Good luck!

Click here for Keep Calm and Chive On

Click here for the Chive Logo Tees.

Click here for Bill Fucking Murray.

Click here for the Sexy Chivette Shirt.

Surprise! The Chivette Calendar is officially available today right here!

UPDATE: All sizes in BMF completely SOLD OUT. KCCO is a larger order but it’s not far behind.

UPDATE II: All sizes in the Trifecta now SOLD OUT. The limited edition Chivette Calendar will remain until all copies sell out (shortly).

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  • Ian

    I got one at the last second!

    I'm sitting at home doing web-based training. I get to stay out of the office for the next two days AND I finally got my Keep Calm!!!

    Best day EVER.

  • Alex

    Why post this and have the website not work? The one time i'm on here when you have them and the site doesn't even pull up….

  • MichaelWarbux

    NOT AGAIN!! FUUUUUUUUUUU Chive! LOL! Everytime it says "Sold Out" I automatically think "Challenge Accepted." One day Chive. One day.

    • Guse5456

      go to eBay, buy one. simple as that.

  • ChronicUser

    Showed up to work late only to see the Trifecta on sale at 10 EST…boo yah BFM and KC&CO is mine!

  • drummer113


    Gave BMF to my brother in Boston who lost a lot of weight over 2 years. I woke up at 730 AM freaking out because I had a dream that I thought I missed the 9AM start time and everything was sold out by 9:28 AM. I imagined I was at school just so pissed off that I flipped every table I could find and just shouted and cursed at everyone.

    But, I woke up when my alarm went off and got KCCO and TheChive tee but for some reason, when they opened up BMF, it said it was sold out. So, I just went ahead and bought the first two and went back and BMF was available for order.

    I'm ecstatic. My December is made. Christmas will come early and for the rest of my days, I will Keep Calm and Chive On.


    • Sheldon

      Cheers brother! I got all three too!!! AAAYYYOOOOOOO

  • Matt

    When is the next sale happening? I got ripped out of my BFM shirt

    • drummer113

      Be sure to keep checking The DAR and the homepage.

      They said that they would be putting out the product sometime in December sometime during 11th-13th. They also noted that BMF would not be available at that time. Sorry man.

      Hope you get one.

  • Anonymous

    Whooooo. Got a pair of KCCO !!!

  • bobbbbbay

    My fucking goodness. I have BFM on a bookmark and check it daily, the ONE DAY I WANT TO SLEEP IN it's fucking sold out. FUCK YOU CHIVE.

    • drummer113

      Dude, sorry that happened. They had posted it on Friday when there was a picture on the DAR about how someone had a knockoff Chive T. Then, they put an add on the wall sometime on Saturday for Cyber Monday when they would be selling all of the T-shirts at 10 AM EST/9 AM CST. I made sure to put my computer to sleep and have the tabs open for the various shirts.

      Hopefully, next time the post will be early and you'll see it instead of always clicking on the BMF t-shirt bookmark you have. In my opinion, looking at the home page for their sales ads is faster and saves a lot of time rather than constantly looking at a page that you know more than likely is going to say, "Sorry, this product is temporarily unavailable at this time."

      I really hope you get a shirt man. I know how it is to wake up thinking you missed it or sleeping it figuring you'll wake up with ample amount of time to be able to buy it. The same thing happened to me this morning; I thought I woke up late and checked the site and everything was sold out. Luckily this time, it was just a dream and I woke up and bought all three shirts.

      Cheers and I hope you try to enjoy the rest of the week.

  • SemperBro

    Gots mines!!

  • Melly

    Sweet Baby Jesus!!!! Im getting tired of playing this lousy game and losing:( Having trouble staying calm right now

  • Skip

    lame, how about you buy enough for more than six people. I get the supply/demand thing but come on this is weak.

  • Dalton

    Fuck you chive you arent even trying. Its pretty fuckin simple. Supply and Demand. Its getting fucking irritating

  • A Missouri Tiger

    This stinks. All I want for Christmas is a BFM.

  • ballen

    How many dickheads bought 10 of each, to sell for $90 bucks on Ebay?

    • Guse5456

      Well I'm one of them. Get here sooner asshat. hahahahahahahahaha

      • ballen

        cool. I have a life and don't have time. Its a cool shirt and all but absolutely not worth all that.

        • Guse5456

          It's worth it if I'm making a 40 dollar profit off of each shirt. That's the easiest money you could ever make. Sell ten shirts, I get the kids Christmas presents basically for free. Oh, I have a life too, but when I see an obvious easy 400 bucks looking at me in the face, I will not pass.

  • Keith

    Wooo got mine…Thank you
    You’ve just purchased this

    Keep Calm and Chive On!
    1x Men’s / Large

  • Mike

    I got mine (finally).
    1 X Men L Chive Logo
    1 X Men L KC&CO
    Better luck next time boys.
    This was my 5th try.
    FYI they were actually on sale a couple minutes before 7AM PST….

    • Bryan

      He's right, I ordered mine at 9:57 EST

  • Jim

    I used to work as a middle man for clothiers and the factories in China and India. Some of the clients were Abercrombie, Brooklyn Express and even Walmart. All of them were able to order anywhere from 50,000 to 500,000 pieces without any issues. Many simple T-shirts, like the ones the Chive sells, cost only a couple of dollars. That includes transit costs and clearing of customs. There is NO reason the Chive could not have enough T-shirts waiting for them at port in about 60 days, to satisfy everyone one of their fans.

    This crap where they release 20 or so every month is a gimmick of some kind. There is simply is no rational reason for not procuring enough T-shirts to meet their demand. It isn't like there is a shortage of raw materials or workers!

    • Cruzer117

      It creates a rarety effect! Thats probably what they want.

    • Daniel Solis

      Yes I agree, maybe they are not interested in the money they can make.

      They probably want to make their tees special and rare.

      • gmano


      • MonkeyMadness

        That's the most retarded rationale I have ever heard from someone who already has a shirt.

  • BigDawg07jr

    Why do you guys only have up to XXL tees!? SUCKS!
    On another note you guys should look into getting soem sort of CHIVE gel bracelets. I think they would be a hit!

  • Nu

    These are printed in the good ol’ u s of a u jerk.

  • Pork King

    I got my Chive and KCCO shirts FINALLY! BFM showed sold out right after 9est. 😦 At least I can Keep Calm and Chive On!

  • Jen.T

    Chive we need a christmas miracle!!! please try to somehow get more BFM shirts! It would be a great gift for your loyal chivers! Especially my boyfriend who is a HUGE supporter n who has opened my eyes to the mighty awesomeness of the Chive:D I woke up early at 8mst n had it but couldnt get my payment info in fast enough n lost it!!! I almost lost my friggin mind!!!! Somebody Help!:)

  • Flempton

    I almost feel bad that this is my first time ever trying for a shirt and I got KCCO :P. It was nerve wracking though. Same issues as everyone is saying with the payment button taking hella long to appear. Snagged it though 🙂

    • Sheldon

      Me too! Cheers my fellow chiver

  • Anonymous

    I hate my job! I didn’t get a chance to chive this morning and missed this! FML

  • gravgp2003


    Got BFM and Chive shirt finally!

  • Airt

    Chance favors the prepared.
    The post came out on friday. You Chive, you win. I got mine!

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