It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (34 Photos)

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  • ConstableDubs

    #1 is totally true. I didn't have a snow day my entire school career in Minnesota. And I rode the bus all 12 years, dammit. -20 degree windchill? No problem, school is still in session! You haven't lived through winter until you've been through a Minnesota winter.

    • Kira

      The one day we got a snow day, everything was literally coated in ice!

  • Anonymous

    Try Canada

  • trent

    #26 Modern Warfare 2 – Highrise – AA-12

  • Zaragoza

    Dammit trent beat me to it. Good show sir.

  • Kris

    #23 I don't know, man. I'd much rather be a Twlight vamp than any other. Sunlight doesn't make you burn to death, garlic and stakes and crosses don't do shit, but you still have the immortality and super strength and speed and other stuff. If I can have all that and all I have to deal with is sparkling skin, that's a fine trade-off.

  • safsafas

    #11 You're

  • SweetBabyJesus

    #30 actually, the dog's doing it right.

  • Jason Bartz

    #1 When hell freezes over the Vikings have finally won the Super Bowl and all Minnesota schools will be closed in observance of that miraculous occasion. Wisconsin schools will still be on time though.

  • apprentices pillar

    #7 That is funny.

  • lol.

    lol #20. barium and sodium doesnt make anything >.>

  • Simon

    Isn't overt misogyny a sign of repressed homosexuality?

  • Dom

    #26 Challenge Accepted….

  • Dan

    #26 Bitch Please. MW2

  • Peacer

    #14 is from Hook, is it not?

    • J.M Barrie

      No. From the original Peter Pan.

  • antrid

    #6 is also every comment on every YouTube video in existence! We know it doesn't add up! We get it! Think of something original to say!

  • Allie Howard

    #10 #15 Super win. Glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks she can't act. Megan Fox took over pouty and cleavage so the future ex Mrs. Pattinson got stuck with sulky and bored/vacant. Oh wait…I forgot. They don't define their relationship…guess we'll have to rename "marriage" and "divorce" for them when it happens…

  • Big Woodee

    #27 trans will go out then you’re screwed

  • Chan

    #9 Where's the jelly?

  • Edaea_Sinid

    #34 Sarcasm at it's finest. Poor souls.

  • japscarl

    I love #34…. XD

  • Jawbone

    #18 That cunt deserves every punch that man-bitch throws at her. Fuck Rihanna.

  • John Robert

    For the Love of God: YOU'RE doing it wrong …

    STOP using YOUR instead of YOU'RE.

    You Are = YOU'RE.

    YOUR is something that belongs to you.

    Get past 4th grade or do not post on the chive.

  • Andrew Dorsey

    #11 Don't rip on America until you can get better than a D in English Class.

  • Jawbone

    You can like or dislike without ever clicking on the video. Views aren't the same as likes. #6

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