Safety first, guys, safety first (5 Photos)

  • Scott Walsh

    Please fall and die so you do not reproduce and pass your stupidity on tot he next generation.

    • tom

      learn to spell dummy

  • FirstTimeSeriously

    No, these guys should pass on their genes. They’re at least willing to hold down a job. That’s a step in the right direction.

    • Brutal Deluxe

      And if they die, that will provide two job openings

    • Curt

      Goddam right.
      What a concept!

  • Woody

    "GUYS, i dropped my paintbrush…a little help??!!!!"

  • Maximiliaanvdv

    #3 upside ladder climbing?
    Only in Africa!

  • Daniel Baker

    Well as much as I agree with the whole passing on stupidity thing. I do admire there determination to get the job done.

  • passwordistaco

    That's actually pretty impressive. Takes massive balls to even think of that of that shit, and just because it looks crazy to us doesn't make it crazy.

  • Farlok72

    Can you say 3rd world country ..?

  • Anonymous

    I guess I should stop bitching when my wife asks me to put up the Christmas lights.

  • Big D

    Get Her Done! 🙂

  • bisonbade

    #3 that guy is going to be catapulted when the guy falls and lands on the end of the boards

  • jouj

    Seems SAFE! lol

  • sito1002

    hahahahaha crazy people around the world

  • Anonymous

    I admire the ingenuity that went into that… its fairly smart creative and its getting the job done.

  • hello


  • Anonymous

    Awsome lader

  • Anonymous

    Mm, seems legit

  • Fungineer

    How did they get the first reverse ladder supporting the plank up there?

  • Anonymous

    In christ we trust yeah right

  • Simon

    Can't decide if has balls the size of the moon or a complete moron.

  • Anonymous

    What a fucken morron.

  • that_guy

    I swear i work for this company! Just don't recall ever working on clocks….

  • Mark_ZA

    TISA!! Hahahaha I love living here!!

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