Some things are better left unexplained (35 photos)

  • Dan

    #4. Obamacare

    • scooter

      Yes, removing lifetime insurance caps, expanding SCHIP and banning exclusion based on pre-existing conditions is just like take a number ambulance.

      Choke on a dick, dan.

      • Dan

        Goverment Intervention often causes inefficencies despite their intended purpose is what I was going for. Relax Obama fanboy.

        • Scooter

          So now you're an economist? "Inefficiencies"– pretty big word. There is no such thing as an unregulated market.

          Relax, teabagger.

          • Dan

            Don't support the tea party by the way.

          • kshell25

            Wow, so sensitive!

        • Stephen

          "Government Intervention often causes inefficiencies," well then, by that same token the Military must be horribly inefficient, maybe we should get rid of it and only use private corporate armies to fight our wars.

          Saying that placing caps on how much a private company can charge or for what reasons they can deny service does not fall under the heading of inefficiencies in my book, it is consumer protection, which is what conservative politicians really want to do away with.

          Mortgage lenders did not have oversight thanks to Greenspan lobbying 4 successive presidents to remove consumer protection guidelines and what did we get? An economy based on packaged securities totaling $500+ trillion that can collapse if too many people fail to payback mortgages that they can't afford to begin with.

          Wake up and look past the easy tag lines that Fox News is feeding you. They are making the fight about that dirty word "Socialism" to blind us to the fact that they are in the pockets of the companies that would lose the most if everyone took regulation seriously.

          /end rant

          • Dan

            1. While the military is one thing that the government does relatively well, it is inefficient from a budgetary standpoint and should be cut drastically.
            2. Opening up the health care markets and increasing competition will have similar effects, it would abide by that silly constitution, and wouldn't add a trillion dollars to the debt.
            3. Yup, the banks screwed up, what did the government do to fix it? Bailed them out! Let bad businesses fail, let people pay for their poor financial decisions.
            4. Sorry, who said anything about fox news or socialism? All media has some bias and if you don't think government officials respond to the incentives of corporations as well, you are a fool.

            • its_forge

              As if healthcare markets aren't "open" enough, lol.

        • its_forge

          What "government intervention?" All they did was require everybody to buy insurance so the risk pool will now be a couple of hundred million people, and tell insurers they can't tell people to fuck off if they already have a problem. They did *not* tell insurers they can't charge people with pre-existing conditions more money by the way.

        • elbruces

          "Often causes inefficiencies?" Way to take a stand there. The health care system was already woefully inefficient lacking intervention (US #1 in costs per person, #37 in quality of care). In fact, all candidates from both parties spent most of 2008 talking about what to do about the health care crisis. Everybody agreed it was a crisis back then, which makes it pretty awe-inspiring how right-wingers have such a capacity for selective amnesia.

          The health care reform bill is neither "Obama's" (he campaigned on a different method entirely) nor is it "care," as both providers and insurers remain private rather than public.

      • Pants

        Damn you guys sure do like to have meaningless arguments.

    • Bobby Gosbee

      You ignorant fucking people piss me off. Wait until you are down on your luck and your child gets sick. Lets see how terrible healthcare is for you then. Spoiled little bitch,

      • Dan

        Got it, the only reason someones political, economic and social views differ from yours is because they are "ignorant fucking people"

        • Scooter

          In your case, its pretty clear.

      • cooler than Bobby

        get a job and supply your own health care. i already pay enough for people like you

        • Scooter

          LOL! "Supply your own health care"

          So, do you do all your own surgeries or are you some sort of pussy that goes to the doctor?

          • Guest


            keep calm and chive on.

        • @McBeastie666

          I created my own job and still can't afford health care…not sure how I "supply my own." This is not a 99% rant…healthcare is unaffordable.

          • Dan

            Agreed, the rising healthcare costs in this country are ridiculous. Much of it is due to the onerous FDA approval process for new drugs, and regulations that favor certain drug companies over others. The government CREATES monopolies when it comes to drug companies, even when the companies do not have patents or the patents have expired.

            • its_forge

              Horse shit, the corporations own the FDA.

              • Dan

                …my point exactly. corporations, such as drug companies, control the FDA, so the FDA makes regulations that favor specific companies.

                • its_forge

                  Fuck, Dan, make up your mind – either the government is the evil nasty thing that makes it impossible for the corporate world to function, or corporations are the problem, it can't be both.

                  • yoselahonda

                    Not too familiar with reality are you?

    • Dan

      Never thought a silly comment would start such a flame war. Chive on, douchebags! Also, fuck poor people

      • Patriot

        Haha I wouldn't say fuck poor people but I do say I do not agree with free healthcare. If one would look at some European countries who are down on their luck, a lot of them have government supplied health care but then people do not want a raise on their taxes. I say either give healthcare while having a raise in taxes for everyone or keep it the way it is and people getting a job. I don't know, I do not know much, I'm only 16 and I have a lot to learn but that is why I go to a private school! One day I hope my intelligence can help me lead this country with good decisions! 🙂

      • Backslash

        Why the hell do I read these comments anyway…..

    • grunt87

      lol Dan, way to turn this into a political debate! Probably didn't see that coming.

    • chargers suck

      fuck off with your politics.

  • echogeo

    I have to get me a Ronald McDonald costume.

    • Travis

      Carmen Luvana on the left???? Maybe???

      • SimonPhoenix

        Nope.. Bree Olsen (left), (lower center) Alana Evans, not sure who is on the right .. All sexy Pornstars BTW.

        • Wrong

          WRONG. That is absolutely with out a doubt Carmen Luvana on the left. I know because of all the lonely nights, haha (quietly crying)

        • Hal

          Maybe that explains the hover hands…

  • Intensemasterdebater

    #2 Should be a law against using bacon that way

    • Brutal Deluxe

      The only saving grace to this abomination is that you get to slice his face up with a knife when you're done cooking

    • etcrr

      should be a law against a person with no vocal talent being able to have a career singing

      • Flow

        That would have greater repercussions than one would initially assume… I'm assuming.

    • ohellnaw

      Agreed. Violators should be shot on sight.

  • Holy Hell

    #12. No explanation is needed here.

  • jassnl

    #9 Is james Nachtway if i'm not mistaking, the guy photographed about every big thing what happed the last 30 years.. He somehow just happens to be there. (911 ground zero – Fukushima Japan) Awesome photographer!

    • Brutal Deluxe

      Yes, but who photographed him?

    • fed

      or maybe he is bad luck, just like jessica fletcher

      • bridgemaster

        or maybe he's god, just like bruce almighty

    • Craigery

      I count at least three photographers in that picture, plus the one who took the picture. In fact, it looks like the photographers outnumber the shooters.

    • Kpro

      He happens to be there because he's a journalist that happens to get paid to travel to places where important things happen- sorry to burst the bubble of mystery

    • Imburgia

      Nachtway fucking rules. There's a sweet ass documentary about him called "War Photographer".

      Like a boss.

  • Ade

    #25 I was at a Clash of the Titans gig back in 1988 or so (Slayer, Anthrax, Suicidal Tendencies and Testament) and there was a guy carried over the crowd still in his chair from the balcony above…

    • Craigery

      Cool story, bro. Guess we had to be there. But yeah, that's totally the same as someone holding a radiator.

  • Kim

    #32 is Lee Thomas, the Entertainment Reporter for Channel 2 in Detroit. He's got Vitiligo, his hands are completely white and he uses make up for his face. Did a documentary on it a couple years back. He's fantastic!

    • cody

      but if his hands are white, why does he make his face black?

      • rambocorn

        Vitiligo doesn't turn your skin entirely white – it starts as splotches all over your body that can spread. My guess is that parts of his face retain his natural skin colour. Also, the areas of your skin that are affected by Vilitiligo are much more susceptible to sun-burns and the like so his makeup probably helps protect him.

    • DRW

      Ive meet him on a few occasions….he is an extremely nice guy. Funny as hell too

    • Howler

      He's a great guy… Even though he's on a Fox station <ducks>

  • Jimbozo

    #35 c’mon. Everyone should know that quote. It’s Charlie from it’s always sunny.

    • Spanky

      You are thinking of night crawlers. And Charlie never mentions Vaseline.

  • Rent

    #32 Great reporter. He has a skin condition – Vitiligo and has been very public about his use of make-up.

  • Ron Burgundy?

    Gluten free…hell yeah. #26

  • SpacemanSpiff

    #12 these guys should grow some #26

    • Craigery

      They should grow camel balls?

      • SpacemanSpiff

        well their people balls ain't working right

    • its_forge

      Takes a fucking TON of balls to wear shoes like that in public. Takes a ton more to walk on them without breaking your fucking spine.

    • Larry

      Apparently this is a trend among some club-goers. Here's the NY Times story about these 2:

  • passwordistaco

    #31 Kick Borat out of bed and use em as Handle Muffs

  • Dude

    #19 Has been around for a while.

    • DerJöe

      honestly i think this is a win

      • beasty

        Until u die for co2 poisoning…

        • beasty

          I mean co poisoning. Der…

          • Craigery

            How would that happen? The CO goes into the bag, not your mouth.

            • beasty

              So u think a large bag of CO that would have to be deflated before the car is lowered is a safe thing?

              • @jaczor

                If you are outside (which is where this is meant to be used), the it's perfectly safe.

              • myself

                I have only seen one of the exhaust jacks and it had a valve that you opened to slowly lower the car back down. It went down just like your run of the mill floor jack. With being outside and you no huffing off the valve it would be exactly the same as spray painting outside.

              • its_forge

                Er, where do you think the exhaust is going when that hose isn't hooked up to the exhaust pipe dude?

                • beasty

                  U guys are geniuses. Us 'mericans need a sign for everything. Because somewhere, somebody ……

    • ROK247

      that is so unsafe, on several different and equally unsafe levels…

      • tapsnapornap

        please elaborate…its a ball that gets what, maybe 20psi tops, worth of non flammable exhaust, I think the above comments covered this pretty well already. I actually carry one of these instead of a jack-all now, works way better in most situations.

  • Thom Stokman

    Still Mad about those T-Shirts!!!

    • 0=-]p

      get a life. problem solved.

  • Anonymous


    He is my local newscaster, he has a disease that causes depigmentation of the skin

  • otto

    #23 Hales Brewery in Seattle.

  • MylesofStyles

    #1 Annual Fans of Taco Bell Convention.

  • Jack Apples

    #32 – His name is Lee Thomas. He’s a reporter for Fox 2 News, Detroit. He has a condition called vitiligo, which causes the dark pigmentation of his skin to fade. It has spread to his head and face, but he uses make-up while on air to cover it.

    • Joe

      Yeah, I think Chive should take this photo down. Its a legitimate medical condition, and shouldn't be made fun of.

    • checkcheck

      so…he doesnt think his face is dark enough? But he's ok with his hands being white? All these explanations are just making the photo more wtf.

      • Aaron

        Michael Jackson lives!

        Nah, on a serious note why take it down? He's dealing with it and fair play to him. For those that want to make a joke out of it says more about them than him.

  • tizsm

    #26 that cant be good

  • whos.mike

    #8 it looks a lot like prison. Fat white boy carrying around large neanderthal boyfriend.

  • @ADavis41

    Just damn. Somethings cannot be unseen.
    His boat just turned into a porta-jon.

    • the other OTHER Jen

      looks like a hell of a party to me.

    • bse35

      how much did he spend to get these party women on board

  • chiverMike

    #28 makes no sense but hat me laughing.

    • MylesofStyles

      The part where you wrote "but hat" had me laughing.

      • chiverMike

        Ha – was an accident but I guess it is kind of a butt hat.

      • Vincent Villette

        Makes sense 'cause Verne made a sextape, and according to those who saw it, it looks a bit like that. Thanks to Steve'O for bringing that up in his stand up ! Yeah Dude !

  • Patrick Funk

    just ordered a KCCO t shirt adressed to Sir Patrick of I cannot beleive nobody wants to employ me!

  • Tri140point6

    #1 That explains where all of the shitheads I deal with come from

  • jaynecobb2

    #10 is a baby holding more than likely his dads thumb

    • Ric Romero

      Nice try, but you will never be as good at saying the obvious as me!

    • SpacemanSpiff

      *poof* there goes the magic

    • Mr. Brown

      Pedo Bear still approves. It makes his junk look bigger.

    • Cptain. Obvious

      Thankyou, Anti-joke Chicken.

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