These women fire my flares (47 HQ Photos)

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  • Anonymous

    Gay as aids… Where is the rest again

  • Bastard

    This shit is dumb

  • Lady gaga

    Lady gaga penis

  • A baby

    Pee pee poo poo

  • Anonymous

    Rick you and Mac need to kill yourselves. Put a shotgun in your mouths, pull the trigger and blow your brains out all over the ceiling.

  • Aaaaaa

    Step 1 don’t be dumb
    Step 2 go to thebrigade
    Step 3 enjoy

    • cam

      Yeah, you could do that. But it shits me that the link doesn’t work. Negating the very purpose of a link in the first place.

  • Weiner poop

    Hell no! I want shit done the right way and the right is always simple.

  • Pim

    Well at least no one overreacted.

  • gimmeafrackinbreak

    Guess you ‘gay as aids’ and ‘this shit is dumb where Is the rest of them’ fucks aren’t smart enough to read the sponsored by the brigade tag at the top? Please disconnect, and never, ever darken the chive with your stupidity again…this goes for the lady gaga poster and the a baby poster as well.

  • I say

    Overreacting is the American way

  • Haha

    Internet fight!!!!

  • Pim

    ‘Mercuh! Land of the free, home of the interwebz links.

  • Yeeha

    ‘Mercuh! Home of the double quarter pounder and bed bath and beyond!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Valid points, but if The Throttle can do it, why can’t The Brigade?

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t this girl like 15 & from a nickelodeon show??….pervs

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