Would you pay $40,000 a month for this? (20 Photos)

This Russian Minx has created an entire online promotion attempting to lure a man. There's one catch, you have to be absurdly wealthy. Her ad reads as folllows:

"I love to mountain ski, speak two languages and do not smoke or take any drugs. I am looking for a serious relationship with a man for $40,000 per month. P.S. I adore turtles from the Indian Ocean, sharks in the Gulf of Oman and the exquisite Parus Hotel. I look forward to meeting a man who appreciates the value of my company."

Is she worth it?

  • Jay_Harvey

    is she paying me $40000 a month?!?!?!?


    Yes…….. Yes

  • Donald

    Breakdown the $40k by the minute and i’ll take about $6.50 worth of her.

  • Anonymous

    No Broad is worth $40k a month!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001712105342 Donny Bravo

    id give her 40,000 Rupiah…………which converts to $4.40 us dollars………..id even be a nice guy once in a while and even it up to $5 dollars

  • Anonymous

    ill pay her as high as she can count before forgetting what she was doing…aaaaaand begin.

  • RyanGalligan

    yeah i'm gonna throw out a big fuck no on that one..

  • keoni_slice

    id make sure she was born a girl first. but hey its cheaper than divorce

  • Peggz

    Not even for ONE payment of 40,000

  • revski87

    Nasty lookin

  • Caveman714

    Perma duck face!!!! Hell nooo!!!!!!!

  • bdg

    I'll take 100.00 worth!!

  • Anonymous

    She’s hot but she doesn’t have ship on Texas women. Not trying to sound like some redneck on a rant about the south but down here women that good looking are a dime a dozen. My girl is sexier than her and cooks food out of this world.

  • Nachoooooo

    All day

  • SenorWilson

    Her face, needs to be fixed, or maybe unfixed?

  • CWolf

    Not unless she can make me a sandwich worth that much!

  • Dodgy Roger

    Phhhht! You can get an equivalent Uzbeki whore for a quarter the price and double the plastic!

  • Cerise

    You could pay me $20,000 per year and buy me some boobies. No guarantee you will enjoy my company but I won't look like an overcooked duck and won't make you buy me an Indian turtle. And my shit will still stink.

  • minion

    Duud you can better than this and all natural for a shower, breakfast and cab fare.
    Good on her for trying i guess?

  • Mohawk

    No way in hell is she even worth half that!!!! Keep on dreaming lady!!!!

  • Khiizzy

    Shes doing duck lips on like all of her pictures. Noty.

  • Patrick

    hell no, there are much better girls for free!

  • http://www.facebook.com/hovercar Spidermorgan Hovacado


  • Allie H

    Otherwise read as "I want a man to pay me to be in love with him…" Guys do that for way cheaper for prettier chicks by buying them dinner, movie tickets, coffee dates, etc, etc…She's not worth it and she made it worse by spending on plastic surgery. She's got to do something about her lips…they look awkward. The only thing she's ever going to be in love with is money, and herself. Fail.

  • Kris

    Aw hail naw! Permanent duckface!

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