Would you pay $40,000 a month for this? (20 Photos)

This Russian Minx has created an entire online promotion attempting to lure a man. There's one catch, you have to be absurdly wealthy. Her ad reads as folllows:

"I love to mountain ski, speak two languages and do not smoke or take any drugs. I am looking for a serious relationship with a man for $40,000 per month. P.S. I adore turtles from the Indian Ocean, sharks in the Gulf of Oman and the exquisite Parus Hotel. I look forward to meeting a man who appreciates the value of my company."

Is she worth it?

  • Scc

    That only translates to $55 an hour which isn't too bad for a hooker. Not that I would know or anything *cough*.

  • Todrunk2

    She is a pig

  • Seldi84

    #11 Gold Digging Whores. Meet your Queen.

  • Anonymous

    She’s got some DSL’s

  • Dan

    That's only $54.79 per hour. What a BARGAIN!!!!

  • Jake

    Around the corner I can have her for $40/hour!

  • coolandpopular

    That mansion better be included in the price.

  • Williemo32

    Fake lips, ass, boobs, hair, what’s not too love?

  • Bob

    $40,000 for a month?? Might be worth it for a month or two, but not much longer than that.

  • reebus

    id rather spend 40k on a cactus and risk a splinter, than give this fugly creature of the night a dime. I dont always spend 40k on a perma duckface. But when i do, i get my money back and get to call her a whore

  • Flanagator

    No girl is worth that kind of money.

  • Anonymous

    Hourly ATM’s for that

  • Cal1

    I’d fuck her then leave before the months up!!

  • Tippster

    So that's what a $40k whore looks like. Meh.

  • fuzz

    i'll stick with real chivettes instead

  • SexyPoulet

    haha you can get a fake American woman for a lot cheaper than a Russian fake – but real natural beauty is priceless!

  • Anonymous

    I bet she’s blond all over lol! Those Russian girls give all the money they get from you and send it back home to some mobster! I would fly her to barbatos F her hard for a four day weekend leave her Cum drenched then sneek out in the dead of night leaving only a one way ticket home

  • Tim

    "A serious relationship…", "… for $40,000 a month…"

    That's like saying "I like planting trees with a chainsaw"

    Outside of the fact that she looks like a plastic disaster from the neck up… uh… no. not worth it.

  • Personification

    Hell no….we got chivettes 10 times sexier

  • Anonymous

    I got $20

  • Ken

    looks like a real life barbie doll. which is scary, cause i'm not sure people should look like that

  • Fapmaster

    I''ll give her $40 for a HJ but thats as far as I'll go

  • Brenden

    No No and HELL NO

  • bisonbade

    fuck no, looks like plastic and i'm sure she is a super duper bitch

  • josh

    I'll pass, looks like shes doin just fine on her own. Besides do you know what you can get for 40,000 a month?!!!!! A hell of a lot more then what shes got.

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