Would you pay $40,000 a month for this? (20 Photos)

This Russian Minx has created an entire online promotion attempting to lure a man. There's one catch, you have to be absurdly wealthy. Her ad reads as folllows:

"I love to mountain ski, speak two languages and do not smoke or take any drugs. I am looking for a serious relationship with a man for $40,000 per month. P.S. I adore turtles from the Indian Ocean, sharks in the Gulf of Oman and the exquisite Parus Hotel. I look forward to meeting a man who appreciates the value of my company."

Is she worth it?

  • Josh

    There should really be leash law in Russia. It's not right for people to just let their dogs run about like this and posting ads. People need to keep their dogs on a leash.

  • Ganj guy

    I’ll pay her 40,000 dollhairs to let me hit that. Russians drive a hard bargain.

  • Tony Booya

    I'd hit it,
    with a brick.

  • Sam

    I got $100 for 10 minutes.

  • skuba

    No way….

  • anguish


  • Fizor

    Is that a Real Doll?

  • ErniBrown

    Too much for an inflatable lifeboat.

  • fishslayer78

    Why don’t you put a link to her site on here so that we can destroy this tranny’s self esteem?

  • GARY


  • ShaHiROHara

    I have $146 in my bank account. I think I'll stick to my routine and buy weed and donuts instead.

  • Jgrover

    She didn't have anything less than a dress… this would have just been $40,000 a month for blue balls

  • Franklin1138

    If $40-Large is chump change to you, I say go for it. But I don't see the ROI.

  • BRapper


  • Douche McFuckstain

    Any whore asking you to pay for her 'company' is not worth it.

  • Drew Burken

    Not even $40 a month would I want her

  • Tombstone

    You know what I'd do? I'd take that deal 'n, crawfish, then drill that ol' Devil in the ass.
    -Curly Bill 1993

  • dunk7

    She only charges $53.76 an hour…I'll take 2 just for fun 😉

  • Anonymous

    I bet she was very pretty before all that plastic….

  • paul

    is there a black friday deal for this?

  • 16inchzipper

    If I were absurdly wealthy, I'd pay her $40K a month to live in the kitchen and make me sammich.

    Because, fuck you, that's why.

  • bobble

    she owes money for those lips, amongst other things…

  • Roy

    PFTTT. Nope.com My wife is hotter and she only costs a mortgage payment, some monthly bills and about $200 a month for food. Plus my wife cleans, somehow I seriously doubt this plastic chick does any cleaning.

  • TA1ton

    Not worth it…none of those pics were in the kitchen…who wants to pay $40000 a month for a woman who can’t even make a sammich!? Like buyin a Ferrari with a motorcycle engine!

  • El Boote

    Sure I'll give her 40 sows and bucks!

    20 deer, 20 pigs, I said ha ha!

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