Anybody who says people are smart haven’t read these signs (30 Photos)

  • frank

    #10 soccer city in torrance :]

  • Allie H

    #7 I love a shop owner with a great sense of humor! Epic win.

  • StarkLeroy

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  • barfingonall4s

    #24 Athlete's Foot was a very large chain in the 70's/80's, about as large as Foot Locker or Fleet Feet now.
    I thought this was supposed to be funny because it looked like the storefront had bridle ties for horses.

    As for Canada's "maximum 100," many places in the world including parts of Montana have no speed limit.

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  • Ben

    o Chive, why are you so good to me?

  • http://abar alexander

    Look closely at 22 the reflection shows the person taking the pic wearing a bill murray shirt!

  • Anonymous

    #18 is obviously in metric. Only a dumbass American would think this sign is bizarre

  • Infantry Johnson

    #4 is in Tulsa, OK. I drive by that place everyday after work.

  • pearlude

    #15 makes sense of you’re in Canada as we go by kilometers per hour. The equivalent to 60mph

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  • Anonymous

    #14 Those R Fuckin Roosters

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