Hipsterdom is dead, now you’re just douchebags (35 Photos)

The contemporary hipster as we know it is dying. Most have grown up a bit and finally looked at themselves in a mirror, some realized that Pabst Blue Ribbon is skunked swill, others grew tired of dressing for Halloween everyday. Today, we look back on the fad that was the hipster. Anybody left wearing velcro high tops or using a bowling bag as a man purse is lumped into the douchebag category.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=606371253 Shannon Coverdale

    #2 I still would

    • Tuff Guy

      Aren't those the Olsen twins? At least the one on the right looks like it.

    • joe

      hell yeah! she's been a hippie-chick since before the hipster generation was let out of its collective cage

      and for that matter, who let the hipsters be cool in the first place? back in the day they were isolated and ignored into oblivion…

      • schmielllssson

        who said they are cool?

        • joe

          fair enough – scratch "cool", insert "culturally prominent"

          i haven't seen so many PBR references since (i thought) people stopped drinking it in 1978…

    • http://www.facebook.com/tim.posta Tim Posta

      is that an olsen twin?

  • Chris Scharff

    God Bless the Chive for this. Douchebags one and all. May we get on with our lives and usher in the next annoying trend?

    Oh, and #35… your grandmother is a real American hero.

    • taxonomy ploice

      i guess that's cool, except racoons aren't rodents, they're in order carnivora.

      • taxonomy police

        oops, you guys must have downvoted me because i misspelled police. you can vote me back up now. thanks.

    • Kenny

      You know coonskin hats were really cool, when I was 5.

      • Slappy

        In 1950.

      • fibonacci5150

        they were cool at that one part of disney land where u went through the caves and stuff, that was the time and place for coonskin hats

    • KHfan4evr

      ❤ this statement.

      • lowdown

        I've said it once and I'll say it again. Some of these people are serious attention-whore, queer-bait weirdos, who need help or at least a swift kick in the ass……and some seem like cool people. Continue to post pics of weirdos, I love it, but some of these people are not that weird looking…or weird looking at all. Chive, what's up? How come slightly eccentric dressed people offend you so much? Did a hipster piss in your cereal? Some of these people could be writers, musicians, actors, skaters, artists….etc. whatever….nevermind. go ahead and thumb down……….ya hatin though. Don't forget to tuck your Polo shirt into your Khaki's on your way to the country club. ha!

        • KHfan4evr

          First of all, I have never been to an 'effin country club. Wouldn't dream of it. So don't assume that anyone does (that's just plain rude). I am an art student. If any of these people are… then that's wonderful. It doesn't change the fact that they look ridiculous. I AM AN ART STUDENT, and I don't look like that… If you can't take hipsters getting fun poked at them… well then don't come on here. You pretty much agreed that half the people in this post are strange to the point of being worth mentioning… so why bother the hate on theChive? hrm? Pointless…. Don't trip on your holy doc martens and oversized squirrel cap on your way out the door…

  • biggles

    #18 that is going to haunt my dreams

    • Jesse

      I was eating when I saw this and immediately used the fork to remove my eyeballs. I can type well considering I have no vision-worth it.

    • http://www.douggoff.com Doug

      I can't even begin to imagine what that smells like down there.

      • Mrs_Conejo

        lol eww

    • Guesty

      Yes Sir, yes it is…

    • Jimmy

      What dreams i'll never be able to sleep again

  • jcvik92

    #10 rhett??

  • Teaganz

    The saddest/scariest part of all… is how this could possibly have been appealing to anyone, anywhere, in the first place. :S

    #15 WTF?!?!

    • da2conan

      That dog is looking for an out, you can see it in his eyes

      • Jesse

        The line between this hipster and mentally ill is being dangerously straddled.

    • Yun

      They look like jackasses on purpose, cause it's all ironic, and crap.

      They kinda have a problem understanding why ironic or serious, they still look like jackasses.

  • da2conan

    #1 looks like a prison photo. He's a popular cellmate

  • Chase

    They really posted this thread without including Weezer. I'm kind of bummed.

  • Huzzah

    I don't know why I found #1 so funny.

    • Big_Curt

      Is it the shoes…its gotta be the fucken shoes

      • KHfan4evr

        shoes for sure.

    • V4Vendetta14

      I don't know why I heard the song "Hungry Eyes" playing when I saw it…

  • Rose3191

    Fuckin hipsters man

    • Buck Jones

      My thoughts exactly, wtf

    • ramoroso

      Just had to say how hot I thought your profile pic was 🙂 You're the proof that they're sexy chives among us indeed, chive on!

    • JSBlink69

      you must get that (ramo type of) comment a lot…. Just Saying… Chive on~

  • Jester

    My Father quit drinking PBR years ago because it tasted like reclaimed pond water. A Vietnam Vet moved on and a douche is still a douche.

    • Johnny Two Toes

      I was drinking PBR before it was hipster cool, and I will continue to drink PBR as my cheap beer of choice.

      • fibonacci5150

        Bad beer should never get a bad rap cuz beer

  • AstronautMikeDexter

    #14 What a waste.

    • R2GFan

      That DB should be drawn and quartered for touching that young lass like that.

    • Boom!_Headshot!

      you have to give it to him. that db is having more fun than a lot of people i know

    • http://www.facebook.com/Wil.Pwr Will Harding

      Hipster or no, good on him!

      Just saying

    • Mason420

      Doesn't matter. Had sex.

      • Truth

        she's hot. no doubt about that.

        • etcrr

          she's hot, she just has no taste in who she hangs with

          • Nymous

            So what you're saying is…she's easy?

    • in_real_time

      This dude.. rules. Congrats on being a failure but, still being able to fully grasp your douchery and a very attractive females breasts.

    • stefan

      id say 14 is winning…….

  • Comment

    The Hipsters aren't gone they have just evolved.

    • http://twitter.com/latxxtal @latxxtal

      Agreed. I still see way too many of them. I don't really know why Chive thinks they are dead. And they've ALWAYS been douchebags.

      • black27696

        Also agree. They haven't died, it hasn't gone away. You'll know when it's gone when posts like this stop happening due to lack of material.

    • Spencer_on_Fire

      I live next to a hipster mall…..trust me, they haven't evolved. It's too mainstream for them

  • thrust parker

    All kinds of gay.

  • HipstersHateHipsters

    So if all the hipsters die, where's your god Bill Murray going to get his best roles.
    You know, if Wes Anderson and Jim Jarmusch aren't around?

  • Anonymous

    #14….FIND HER!

  • tralfaz

    The intro paragraph was hilarious, kudos to you John.

  • SgtJyoung

    #6 You can find these people shopping at walmart? Shocker.

    • Chris

      It's IRONIC, man. You just don't get it!

    • ROK247

      i hated going to walmart before it was cool

    • Guibombe

      It's because you just didn't see the irony in the picture.

  • http://www.facebook.com/BobbyGosbee Bobby Gosbee

    Thank god it is dying, it was either the fad or my faith in humanity.

  • Helmet4

    #9 #11 #14 Doesn't matter……

    • Bubba

      #11 hipster-dumpster

  • Chi side

    #25 I think hipster pets will always be funny!

    • os99

      It's called "The Exception".

    • black27696

      It's funny because you know the animal is smarter than a human that dresses like that. Around the time that a dog thinks it looks stupid while wearing clothes that you think look great, you're probably a hipster.

  • bless1

    bunch of fags

  • Josh

    #20 Do it…I dare you

    • Ollie

      NOOOO!! Don't shoot the bird.

  • Mr.Y

    #18 cut scene from the Ring

  • Chris

    To most of us, they were ALWAYS douchebags.

  • http://www.facebook.com/empty.hill Matthew T. Hill

    Girls like weird in every form.

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