Hipsterdom is dead, now you’re just douchebags (35 Photos)

The contemporary hipster as we know it is dying. Most have grown up a bit and finally looked at themselves in a mirror, some realized that Pabst Blue Ribbon is skunked swill, others grew tired of dressing for Halloween everyday. Today, we look back on the fad that was the hipster. Anybody left wearing velcro high tops or using a bowling bag as a man purse is lumped into the douchebag category.

  • Billy Boy

    Sorry to rain on your parade chive, but hipsters are still living and breeding. Come to Richmond, Va if you want some proof. VCU is a breeding ground for douchers in skinny jeans and flannel on fixed gear bikes… And I’m not sure who decided that a chick with a huge tattoo on their outer thigh was hot, but its not. I’ll leave PBR out of this, since it gets me drunk when the budget is tight.

  • Jason

    #18 this can not be unseen…. *shiver* tho i did have fun forwarding it to friends via text and laughing about it all morning!!

  • jordan

    #6 fat hipsters are the worst

  • http://www.facebook.com/bill.whittle Bill Whittle

    #20 I can lend him a real pistol, but if the duck dies I'll never forgive myself.

  • SolidusSnake420

    Goddamn hipsters ruined City & Colour live for me. Fucking douchebag cunts

  • DemonIAm

    I just.don't. get it…

  • http://thechive.com/ GernBlansten

    #19 WTF is this, A Clockwork Clementine?

  • pooper

    if we pay attention to them, we are only making them stronger

  • lolzo

    I'd be smiling too if I were him!

  • FHLV

    Glad I grew out of the hipster faze as soon as I did. I look back at some of my “friends” who are still hipsters now (a lot of them nearing their 30s, nonetheless) and just feel absolute pity for them. I hope they see the light and…. Actually, no, it’s just better to sit and watch them make fools of themselves like a good show on Animal Planet.

    P.S. I know some of the guys in #30. Really nice guys too. Shame, shame.

  • Nicholas

    Number 14 shows no sign of Hipsterdom at all chive.

  • Ziplab

    #22 So hot!

    • learn a lesson

      really? It should scare the shit outta you, Hipster

      • Ziplab

        No… not really douche.

        Regard, <—comma
        The Ziplab

  • BillG

    Unfortunately, most douchebags just morph into a new form of douchebag. Douchebaggery is not a trend, its a lifelong affliction it seems.

  • Rawb

    Hipsters have always been douchebags, even before the fad started to “die”. After my last trip to Austin TX I’m not at all convinced that the fad is dead.
    I also find it insulting, as a motivated and properly dressed individual, that hot girls are attracted to these assholes. Hipsters may be trying to look unique, but they all look like they’re wearing the same shit stain uniform.

  • buzz

    Now I know what i’m gonna do today, i’m gonna print large copies of these pictures and go to the firing range and use these as target practice.

  • Anonymous

    14 is doing alright in my book no douchebagness detected by me on that one

  • basic

    It's not dying, it's just moving to the rural areas, unfortunately… and most of these clueless people are trying to say they were hip before anyone, like last year, even. It's soooo ironic.

  • Spencer_on_Fire

    #18 #24

    Kill it…..Kill it with fire!!!

  • JamesH

    #14 Doesn't seem so bad… also, what's wrong with high-top Velcro sneakers? What if I just wear Reebok pumps instead…

  • Toomuch

    Now who let the hipster get 1st comment?

  • http://twitter.com/danieljillm @danieljillm

    #14 is awesome. The rest sucked. I threw up in my mouth at one point.

  • Dan

    i have one of those hats. i hate hipsters. its not a fashion statement, its a fkn davey crockett hat! KING OF THE WILD FRONTIER! and i havent worn it since i was 10…and never in public….now im gonna have the davey crockett song stuck in my head all day.

  • clal89

    #18 Shoot it! Shoot it in the FACE!

  • Eagleheart

    Dear Hipsters, You are either trying to hard or conforming to hipster trends and therefore failing at being a hipster and therefore just look like scum sucking pigdogs. Sincerly, Everyone other human on this gods forsaken planet.

  • http://what james

    What will these losers do for work should they make it to adulthood?

    • Vikrant

      quite a few hipsters are adults and they work in starbucks.

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