Hipsterdom is dead, now you’re just douchebags (35 Photos)

The contemporary hipster as we know it is dying. Most have grown up a bit and finally looked at themselves in a mirror, some realized that Pabst Blue Ribbon is skunked swill, others grew tired of dressing for Halloween everyday. Today, we look back on the fad that was the hipster. Anybody left wearing velcro high tops or using a bowling bag as a man purse is lumped into the douchebag category.

  • Noname

    Wow the deuchecockery is at an all time high in here.

  • Anonymous

    #6 is luke pettipoole (poole) from The Envy Corps a pretty succesful midwest band who recently left Vertigo records (sub div of Mercury). Long live Rhinemaidens

  • https://www.facebook.com/gwmclean Gord McLean

    #20 do it….Come on do it…Pull that MF'ing trigger……

  • Epi_facts

    Hipsters all have gonorrhea, if you see a Pabst or no-lens glasses put on a jimmy hat.

  • Anonymous

    These people all look homeless

  • Lia

    Thank god trends dont last.

  • RonnieBurgandy

    #18 Kill it, kill it with fire!

  • AEON

    these people looked liked they haven't showered in months.!!

  • Nevercryfoul

    If they are on the outs, I almost hate to see them go.

    They are what we know. I dread whatever comes next…

  • MylesofStyles


  • Kreuger

    They were always douchebags.

  • Anonymous

    Well it died out the first time for a reason.

  • Lokobo

    But if all of the hipsters are gone, who will I hate?

  • http://www.tsn.ca/ CalAb13

    #1 And not a second too soon

    (somewhere this kids father is crying)

  • Underhill

    #14 is cute, #18 has scary possibilities and my kid brother dates #24.

  • Brook

    #9 – I think that is a guy I grew up with. If so – he is definitely not "trying" to be hip. Really nice guy – just had his own style as long as I can remember.

  • Ciggy~Num~Num


    the fuck is that!?!

  • Bob

    #25…This one is excusable because A) Dogs fucking Rule, and 2. It's the owner's fault, not the dog, he can't pick his own clothes.

  • Jfern

    #12 is RACIST!!

    • anonymous

      i went to college with this kid

  • Whatever

    #33 This chick has ugly hair.

  • momoneymoproblems

    If only this could be true

  • Anonymous

    Just one question for all hipsters…WTF?

  • https://www.facebook.com/flaino Fede Laiño

    #35 classic!

  • Mike Jones

    #27 is a cool dude and not an actual hipster in real life.

  • tgg

    #22, Hipstery Rodham Clinton.

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