Hipsterdom is dead, now you’re just douchebags (35 Photos)

The contemporary hipster as we know it is dying. Most have grown up a bit and finally looked at themselves in a mirror, some realized that Pabst Blue Ribbon is skunked swill, others grew tired of dressing for Halloween everyday. Today, we look back on the fad that was the hipster. Anybody left wearing velcro high tops or using a bowling bag as a man purse is lumped into the douchebag category.

  • thatguy

    I guess san diego didn't get the memo cause the douchebags are still here…

  • Matthew Mac

    hipster 1 |ˈhipstər|
    noun informal
    a person who follows the latest trends and fashions.

    looks gay…but not as gay as twlight

  • Bob

    #33 I hate hipster scum, they are all wankers and the girl ones are probably lezzy..

  • Haywood

    Source for amazing hipsterdouche pics http://www.vice.com/dos-and-donts

  • Chive or die

    She uses 3d glasses as a fashion statement…. she’s too young for you brown and a Hipster who must be put down.

  • AllanA

    That's it….I'm going back to today's "Drop dead sexy"…

  • jkwon

    #19 is that beatle juice?

  • http://www.facebook.com/makattack98 Daniel Mak

    How do you kill that which has no life?

  • Brad

    #32 That's not a hipster, he's a Vegas Club Rat…

  • Seaweed


    Hahaha, in an Apple store i believe? That just makes things worse

  • Nathan_Wind

    There is no reason for a man to wear a V-neck tshirt.

  • Brant

    #18 mind the gap blech

  • sixgun

    Hipsters never die, they just go back underground….

  • http://twitter.com/itsjaredlol @itsjaredlol

    #32 Is Chive's way of telling me it has no fucking clue what a hipster looks like.

  • G-Unit

    The worst part is… I can't tell if some of these are guys are girls….

    stupid fucking hipsters

  • smartass

    Gimme a hipster over a Frat-Boy with repressed homo-erotic tendencies or a guido douchebag any day. Plus, I'm a sucker for the mustache.

  • Jamie

    This needs to go away and Goth needs to come back in a big way. At least Goth chicks were hot. I just feel sorry for girls that claim to be "hipster."



  • TheReal

    #18 photoshop that…you know what.

  • bse35

    #25 is the only cute photo in the bunch

  • domshoot89

    i never have been, and never will be a dirty fucking hipster. but PBR is not swill. its a good cheap beer, plain and simple. i drank it before they came, and ill keep drinking it after they fall. get off the ribbons back

    • Beer truth

      No, it's really bad. Yes, it's a notch up from Bud, Miller, or Coors, but that's like comparing piss to extra-stinky piss. You might just have poor taste?

  • rat fink

    im a greaser… i drank pbr waaaay before these assholes came and made it “cool”
    and ill keep drinking it once they all go the hell away.
    it may not be expensive beer, but it sure as hell aint swill.

    to hell with hipsters….. but dont badmouth the PBR!!

  • Damien

    I can't see how anyone would have thought that these dick heads were ever anything except… dick heads. Seriously. WTF.

  • Grits

    Re: Pabst

    To be fair, most of the beer you allow up in pictures on this website is "skunked swill." Pabst is horrible, but the vast majority of people drink, shitty, shitty, beer and don't even realize just how bad it is. People, the beer giants want you to drink their beer cold for a reason: so you can't fucking taste it, true story. -end rant

  • Simon

    We're shopping at Wal-Mart ironically.

  • Alex

    I just don't know….I just don't know.

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