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  • Gaaron Varner

    #11 Costco

  • dakine

    #11 figure it was either sams club or costco, I use to work receiving at sams club and that shit happens all the time. I feel ur pain buddy….haha

  • jonny

    #22 is genius! Same thing happens to me every week. They get the mail every day but the dumpster next to the mail box is too far…

  • waltgator

    #22 haha! fucking genius man!

  • Eder St Cool


    Is that cocaine?

  • Allie H

    #1 wishing I still worked-so many great ideas! One coworker was gone for a week and we put a post it on his computer telling him to find the candy we'd placed in his desk…underneath all the shredded documents in every single drawer…it was awesome.

  • Seriously. Pink working desk?

    […] Too lazy to comment? Just click on any of the buttons lah.Awesome (0) Cool (0) […]

  • Paul

    Is there nothing else to comment about other than the lazy crew that wont empty the trash can…

  • @CerealFede

    #22 so much win

  • mike

    #20 A Lincoln Chiver??? Thank god. I've worn both my Chive logo T. and Bill Fucking Murray multiple times and have only earned one Chive on. Keep Calm Spread the word.

  • doctorgonzomd

    I'll be re-creating #22 tomorrow…..

  • Bexter

    #16 I would kill a bitch! lol

  • Rage_Fury

    So how many have been fired?

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