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The photo submissions were great as always. If your photo didn't make it this week maybe it will next week. You can send the photos directly to me at bringittobob[at]gmail[dot]com or to the handy Chive submit page HERE. Keep living the dream and documenting the good times.


  • http://Dom Dj

    #59 I stabbed yout buffalo….your mascot too…go ducks

  • Mike

    #45 very cute more pics please

  • Geoff

    Why is that every girl you show is a stick #45 is sexy we need moar

  • http://thechive Hiho

    #15. Is the quarterback for a&m fiance. Luck s.o.b.

  • LCC

    More #32 she looks like a good time.

  • AllanA

    #27 Need support for those puppies?

  • LCC

    #60 Keystone Light – now thats bad ass. Come to Canada and drink some real beer you bunch of pansies.

  • timmytooth

    #33 xbox and a keg second only to #27

  • SkullShucker

    Reminds me of High School

  • Katman3

    Hampton Sydney can eat shit

  • duwescrewm

    #11 I'm going to show my age now,but we didn't wear headbands, and tie dyes in the '70's. It was paisley shirts, and bell bottoms. However we did party like "MUTHA_FUCKAS"

  • Katman3

    #29 Im trapped in a glass case of emotion!!!

  • echogeo

    Some extra-curricular activities with the young lady in pink would help my grades.

  • kingcapecod

    ain't lernin so goood in collige, spelt "From" rong

    good thing she's got big hooters, hope she knows how to use 'em

    • BoroChive

      I'm pretty sure I can't spell FROM, but thanks.

      • BoroChive

        Damn it LOL can** That didn't help my cause at all haha

  • Dan


    University of Calgary … FUCK YEAH!

  • Italy

    #39, I am a kid these days, and that is still sickening that they would attempt doing such a manly exercise as drinking 2 40's of beer and spoil it with a light beer….Pussies

  • The Dude

    Wow #45! I dated a girl that looks exactly like you. A little chubby, very big tits and a cute face. Ah, mammaries.

    • BoroChive

      I get told I look like someone else almost everyday. Haha.

  • CalAb13

    #24 Bermuda Shorts Day rolls on but unfortunately the couch races are now extinct😦

  • Anonymous

    #15 …texas aggie the quarterback for A&M tannehil’s girlfriend

  • jenn

    #55 zoo mass.

  • Mike

    #45 moar!!!!!

  • William

    Wow i dont miss that shit one bit…

  • Lucas

    #40 Aftermath of Aftermath: 19 females and 2 males file reports for sexual assault and rape
    ATO = NF

  • S

    #45 same shot with a bra don’t really car to see the bottom half.

  • pct32

    #38 I've always been a fan of Old E myself…

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