I miss college….(60 Photos)

The photo submissions were great as always. If your photo didn't make it this week maybe it will next week. You can send the photos directly to me at bringittobob[at]gmail[dot]com or to the handy Chive submit page HERE. Keep living the dream and documenting the good times.


  • Steve

    #27 lol

    • joe

      what is so funny?

  • Reaper

    #5 MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Beau

    44 = BOOTS!

  • thegame


    Pretty sure the weren't the only ones to beat up on the mighty golden buffaloes. HAHA! Screw you Colorado!

    Go Huskers!

  • GastonGustav


    Is that really a drinking game in America? even with the 8,2% drinks its still not more than an average day in Europe.

  • Giggitygoo

    Go App!! #37!!

  • Rick

    @ #45 come to philly u hott sexy redhead and ask for Rick at the Black Pumpkin

  • Deezy

    pretty pumped a umass picture made it on here

  • Anonymous

    #46. Aww yeah

  • balls

    #29 stupid as fuck, could have killed him

  • Chickwholoveschicks

    Chive… NO FAT CHICKS!


  • wildcat

    #50 represent!

  • The J

    #59 is the only one the editor thought to ask "why?" . . .

  • oilfieldbill

    #21 i need some tuff girls to help me n y’all the ones

  • michael

    Find her #45 please

  • Kanti

    how exactly is that maikng fun of them? its a picture .i dont see where anything is funny, yea they are dwarfs which in itself is funny but i dont see how this is maikng fun of them.

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