If you like tattoos, get in here (37 Photos)

  • dolog2

    better than sex

  • Anonymous

    Redheads + tattoos = My weakness!

  • LaLaLyla

    Anyone realize that #21 is Sammi Doll, I just died and gone to heaven seeing her on the Chive. Incredible.

  • Hmmm


    Seriously is this girl missing some vertebrae??

  • lepoyas

    #22 is 'Coeur de pirate' aka Beatrice martin. she's a singer from Montréal, Québec. Just search 'Coeur de pirate nue'

  • http://www.iloveethnicwomen.com/category/ebony.php ILEW

    Hey, where's all the black girls?

  • Marcis

    #6 #17 #27 #30 Amazing!

  • NE_Braska

    #2 #36

    I'm in love. Thank God for inked chicks.

  • JshWGrdn

    And God said, "Let there be tattooed girls." And there was. And it was good.
    #34 Moar please.

  • StarkLeroy

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  • Big D

    I'm not a fan of a whole bunch of body tats. We' ll see how those look in about 30 years. I guess my thinking has always been if you like a picture hang it on the wall. When you get tired of it take it down. Try that with body art. I own a business, and hire people. I know people with to many tatoos scare people. So… We have a store, and service vehicles. So we're always in the publics eye. I do have to admit however that a few of these gals are hot right now. That being it said, it's still a down the road thing.

  • gflo917

    #4, #6, #13 and #37… WOW

    who is 13??? she is SMOKIN!!

  • Anonymous

    #17 who is this dark haired goddess

  • john

    #37 is the most beutiful person I
    ‘ve ever seen

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1199130042 Dylan Braun

    by the good graces of good, can we have moar of #17 and #29

  • Ashly Websterdale

    omg! i just saw that my idol sammi doll is #21 !!!! there's a lot of #21 on sammidollphoto.com and her Facebook which i think is Facebook.com/officialsammidoll… she's a photographer and in the band my satellite … i follow her on twitter @sammidoll she's awesome!

  • bill

    wow #9 is so hottt.yummy,yummy.

  • S


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  • ArizonaMuscle

    It's sad to see such beautiful women getting all inked up. It looks horrible and trashy! Grow up people and look at all the idiots walking around today with bad tattoos. This bad decision will live with you for a lifetime.

  • http://tumblr.com molly

    To all those who are bashing the tattooed chicks: keep your damn mouths shut! We tattooed ladies all have our ink for a reason, and dbags like tattoo bashers have no call whatsoever to judge or call ink trashy when its on our bodies for a reason.

  • Dennis

    #33 got a tattoo done on the show "NY Ink"

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  • https://www.facebook.com/Megafayce Matt Crosbie


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