Research beagles rescued, go outside for first time (Video)

Last week, I read an article on MSNBC (here) about 40 beagles that had been rescued from a research facility in Spain. From the day they were born, these beagles had lived in metal crates and never stepped paw outside. That is, until Beagle Freedom Project came in and helped rescue the beagles and bring them back to the U.S. for adoption. Here is the footage of their first steps outside.

To donate to Beagle Freedom Project, click here.

  • Klaus Von Strousen

    Should have killed them all and fed the poor. Useless stupid dogs.

    • Lythe

      Too bad they don't test on heartless fux like you.

    • aaaaa

      You have a small dick and I hope you parish in a fire.

      • Mr. Wiggles


    • ChiverBU

      And how are you of any use to anyone?

    • zimzum

      you sir, are a butt hole

      • bdock

        Yeah that was awesome

    • Binky

      fuck the poor animals are worth more than any humans, humans are fucking dumb. Consumed by greed and material things killing each other over nothing destroying a beautiful planet. I hope you get your throat slit and gang raped you fucking little bitch

      • G.S

        You should slit your wrists in protest. Please? I could use a laugh after reading sniveling trite from classless imbecilities (That's You!).

      • Timmy

        – I like Animals. Because animals don't have war. War is an invention of man.

        -What are you talking about? Animals kill each other all the time!

        -But not with nuclear arms. You can't hug your children with nuclear arms!

      • Frank

        If animals are better than humans, why do people have to impart human traits on animals to try to prove it?

    • dallenforth

      Klaus Von Strousen, you are a lonely person who could use the compassion of others as well as a pet. But you would most likely screw that up to just like you have done your entire life.

    • KlausVonNeedleD1ck

      Klaus Von Strousen is a sad, lonely man just yearning for attention. well here you go, enjoy it loser. 🙂

      • The Ted

        HAHAHAHA love the parody name bro.

  • epic nail

    looks like me when i first went ice skating javascript:insertSmileyNewThread(":S");

  • theyellowfever

    My roommate's beagle is an asshole. So there's that.

  • Internet Superhero

    After the first minute of coo-ing, I watched the rest on mute.

  • Justin

    Awesome vid. Nice to see theres compassionate people out there like this.

  • @chaoticbeauty6

    this is just amazing! thanks for making my morning chive! ❤

  • ukulelemike

    We bought some rabbits once that had been kept in cages in a dark shed for their whole lives. We keep them in a open pen in a herd environment. We brought their cages into the pen in the sun and opened them up-it took about 20 minutes before the male finally came out, who immediately headed into one of the females' cage, and did what nature commanded. 5 weeks later we had babies.

    Of course, we eat them, unlike the Beagles, but they only have one bad day.

    • Tim

      Come on, Mike. Eating animals is wrong. Just buy your meat at a store instead! LOL.

  • tad

    Don’t beagles taste like chicken?

  • Jay

    Not crying, my eyes are just sweating.

  • Anon

    Made me tear up a little. Had a beagle for 15 years of my childhood. Kinda want one of these guys.

  • Dorkfish

    Why cant we use prisoners for this type of testing

  • Chiver_in_pet

    Klaus Von Strousen it’s useless sack of crap like you that make this world as bad as it is, now it’s people like in this video that are at least trying to help and make a difference in some living creatures life. I just pray and hope that u have no children to put ur belives into, nor any pets

  • tad

    Prisoners and our own U.S. Soldiers ARE used for medical/pharmaceutical research

  • Dr. Professor Chiver

    I understand that folks are stoked about sad music being played and dogs doing cute things, but don't immediately associate research animals with a need to be rescued. I worked in an animal research lab that studies bettas, and I guarantee I treated those little dudes way better than 90% of the ones some of y'all have crammed into tiny bowls that you feed once a week. Just saying…

    • Dorkfish

      I had a Betta named Fluffy…true story

    • Tim

      Emotional knee jerk responses will not be countered by rational thought, sir… please move along now, we are busy decrying society and modern science.

  • Justin

    I need to go hug my dogs now…

  • Adam

    I am a grown man, and this made me cry like a 10 year old. I don't understand how someone could willingly hurt these little guys!

  • ROK247

    they must think they've died and gone to doggie heaven.

  • Shane

    Thank God a bunch of self righteous tree huggers saved some dogs, and not some humans. Homeless, starving, sex trade slaves… But whatever, I guess dogs are just as important… To assholes with too much time on their hands.

    • Tim

      Importing dogs to find homes for? Why, when there are millions right in your own country.

      Oh, wait. These ones were given to us by a testing facility (run by people who most likely are also very happy to see these dogs go to good homes), Time to make an emotional video to evoke donations!

  • A No one

    find her!!!!!!

  • Rena

    Rats ok to test on, Beagles, no.

  • Lennart Christensen

    Brought a tear to my eyes – brought alot of tears tbh…

  • Oliver Vorian Wang

    many tears were shed. Especially since my own dog has been staring down the barrel of cancer for maybe two years and we had no idea. Now his kidneys and liver are failing because the tumour is that huge.

  • Queue

    "Hi. I'm white lady…"

  • Dan O

    This is video from last summer. If you cried during the last video, you are going bawl during this one.

  • White15

    Great video. I've had three rescues in a row and they are each fantastic in their own way.

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