Research beagles rescued, go outside for first time (Video)

Last week, I read an article on MSNBC (here) about 40 beagles that had been rescued from a research facility in Spain. From the day they were born, these beagles had lived in metal crates and never stepped paw outside. That is, until Beagle Freedom Project came in and helped rescue the beagles and bring them back to the U.S. for adoption. Here is the footage of their first steps outside.

To donate to Beagle Freedom Project, click here.

  • hausmaus

    Weepy first thing in the morning at work. 🙂 Awesome….I wonder if I can fit a beagle into my budget?

  • tad

    Ok, Jackie who adopted one of the beagles might be HOT, it’d be nice to see more……

  • MacTheLad

    Well done you guys. I don’t really do the whole hippy freedom thing. But that’s good work. 🙂

  • FC112

    I hate seeing dogs/animals that look so helpless. this made my morning.

  • Lexy

    Thi just melted my heart!!

  • misschris

    My face is leaking… That was beautiful. I hate that any animal has to go thru that. Well done B.F.P.!

  • Hannah

    These people are what makes the world a place worth living in

  • Holmespump

    Looks like they lady at 2:57 is wearing a Beagle Fucking Murray shirt.

  • Nick

    Chive…why you make me cry in the morning?

  • zimzum

    damn onions

  • TheProfessor

    cutest pups ever. gayest song ever.

  • Fred


  • fdubzou

    As the proud owner of two wonderful beagles I have to say this is awesome and Chive On!

  • JSM76

    Its really dusty in here. I think I got something in my eye. I just need a minute…… snif

  • bunedoggle

    My father helped invent the first implantable artificial heart as well as the first pace maker that could be used on infants. The technology he developed has saved tens maybe hundreds of thousands of people.

    The FDA requires devices like these be tested to make sure they are safe before they can be used to save people. Those tests are most frequently done on beagles.

    These test are performed by real surgeons who get paid very well to operate on dogs. So to insure nothing goes wrong with the tests, two dogs are anesthetized in case there are complications with the first dog, there will be a second ready.

    When I was 12 years old my dad called us at home to tell use that in the animal trial he was attending the second dog was not used in the operation, but the company doing the test would not reuse an anesthetized dog. They were going to kill the second dog. Since his company had paid for the dog we could take it if we wanted.

    We named the dog Snoopy. He was the worst dog we ever owned.

    • Frank

      Best post this week.

    • Chelsea

      Not that surprising he was "the worst dog you ever owned" poor dog lived his whole life until that point being used or medical research, poor thing.

  • thehusker

    My puggle barked at my iPhone after seeing this! Team Fuck Spain!

  • Truth

    Planet of the Beagles prequel. I for one, welcome our Beagle overlords

  • FlyBoy

    I work for an international cargo company. Years ago I flew 3 crates of baby Beagles over to Europe for testing. I spent a good portion of the flight petting as many as I could while the other guys flew. I tried to think of a way to free the little guys without losing my job. I am glad to see a small number of them make it out of that life of testing. Thanks Chive.

  • tangoNine

    Beagles are some of the most fantastic animals.
    I am an avid hunter and have a pack of beagles that flush out fox and rabbit.
    They are truly wonderful, smart, loyal, and loving dogs.
    Hooray for those that worked hard to get these beautiful beagles a better life.

  • LyinKing


    Bringing freedom and democracy to all oppressed Beagles everywhere!


  • bowser

    somebody gave a fuck for a change. we all should too

  • kristheboss

    Spains close to being bankrupt, I hope no one bails them out now and they become third world over night.

    • Chelsea

      Spain isn't any more or less guilty than any other developed country. The US does the same shit to animals. If people truly cared, we would only buy products not tested on animals (of course most people do not go out of their way to do this). Also, we would demand that in instances were animal testing is necessary (medical research) the animals be treated in a humane, ethical manner.

  • Phil

    YOU FOOLS! Have you not seen 28 Days Later? You'll doom us all!

  • Pearse Ward

    So that's where hot dogs come from!

  • Matthew Ruffi

    Why I decided to slice onions while watching this I don't know………………….really……..sniff sniff……bad……….idea.

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