Research beagles rescued, go outside for first time (Video)

Last week, I read an article on MSNBC (here) about 40 beagles that had been rescued from a research facility in Spain. From the day they were born, these beagles had lived in metal crates and never stepped paw outside. That is, until Beagle Freedom Project came in and helped rescue the beagles and bring them back to the U.S. for adoption. Here is the footage of their first steps outside.

To donate to Beagle Freedom Project, click here.

  • Steve

    Can't they test them and still give them quality of life? Why does it have to be one or the other, do your testing but allow them to have time outside the cage. Maybe a courtyard where they could roam around for a few hours

    • Tim

      Scientific testing involves sterile, and controlled conditions. Hence, no outside.

      BTW, don't assume life in the facility is constant hell run by people who just like to hurt dogs. The reality might surprise you. Don;t forget this facility worked with these people to find the dogs new homes. They could have just euthanized them.

  • Rachel

    great… another front to PETA… just what we need…. NOT

    • Frank

      These guys have been running for less than 2 years. I believe the whole organization was set up because of these 40 dogs from this one facility. I'd wager this is the only thing the organization has ever done.

    • ImpressMe

      Rachel….PETA does NOTHING to ever assist an animal…they would NEVER dirty their hands actually interacting with these dogs….they only use "celebrities" and whore themselves out to the media. These people actually DID SOMETHING….they improved the lives of these little dogs…..PETA is a useless famewhore organization…… what we don't need are more ignorant people like them….and apparently YOU. Get your facts straight before you shoot your stupid mouth off.

      • Ser

        You don't think these people also want the attention from this? Sure they do. And donations. Look at the site.

  • Cody


  • Cody

    Thanks for making me cry like a little girl at work guys…

  • Riley Smith

    What the, where'd all these fkn onions come from..

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see people actually following through with their cause. Not like these Occupy idiots who just use their protest to shoot up and cause inconvience

  • terrellpryorstattooartist

    What a bunch of monsters they let them out of their cage for a few minutes and then pack them up for a 6 hour ride. They’ve been in cages their entire lives you couldn’t have made them wait 6 more hours to let them get their first taste of freedom seems kinda cruel

  • Oderus

    Here's a thought. I will state that I am for animal testing in regards to improving our way of life. But, I have an idea that will stop all animal testing but it will still allow us to continue any and all tests needed to further modern medicine, shampoo, skin cream, etc. USE DEATH ROW AND LIFE IMPRISONMENT INMATES. Take the scum of humanity and let them be the guinea pigs. They have shown their worth now let them pay society back by being test subjects. Two problems solved.

  • Taylor Murphy

    seeing as my best friend is my beagle snoopy, this video just made we get teary eyed and happy that theyre free. such wonderful people to be doing this

  • May

    Damn you chive! Must you post videos like this in the morning when I’m trying to get ready to go out? Darn my emotional self!

  • dave

    Thanks Chive, it's a great cause and yes, it made me cry.

  • Phred

    Folks, if you keep buying products that are tested on animals, then you're contributing to their mistreatment by way of animal testing. When you buy cosmetics, shampoos, soaps, etc, check for a rabbit logo or text reading "Not Tested on Animals". Vote with your wallets.

    Also, I've never seen a timid beagle, ever. It's just sick and wrong to keep dogs in cages their whole lives.

  • JMB

    I am happy to see that most of the comments on this video are reasonable. I know this can be a very emotional topic. Having worked in an animal lab, I just wanted to add some info.

    1. Absolutely do NOT assume that people who work in animal labs are heartless, cruel, and evil. Most of what you hear of what goes on there is NOT true. I once heard an accusation of the facility I worked in that the lab techs would break all of the dogs' legs to make them easier to transport from cage to cage. What sense does that even make? Everyone absolutely loved the animals, and while they did have to mostly be confined to their cages to avoid any cross-contamination, they did get play time where adjacent cages were opened up so the dogs could play with each other and toys. They were kept very clean, and interacted with at every opportunity. And I can assure you, the saddest days at the lab were any time a study ended and the animals had to be put down (more on that below).

    2. Any drugs, vaccines, etc that were being tested were all started on mice, then rats, then rabbits. Only after passing those stages were they moved up to dogs and finally primates before human testing. They're not testing efficacy, but just affect on the organs/body. Not every animal has to be put down after every study, and many of the lab techs took dogs home with them whenever possible, but you have to remember that the animals must be necropsied in order to see the effects of the drug on body systems. Again, these were very depressing days at the lab and everyone was upset.

    3. I read a lot of the backgrounds of studies the lab conducted. Words I kept seeing? Cancer. AIDS. Diabetes. This was not some cosmetics lab. We were testing the effects of very important drugs. And keep in mind that they aren't JUST testing human medicines. These facilities test animal medicines as well. How else do animals receive new and safe treatments too?

    No, it's not much of a life for them, but again trust me when I say that EVERYONE who works in those facilities makes it as easy and pleasant as possible on ALL the animals. As a vegetarian of 14 years, former pre-vet student, and proponent of animal welfare (not animal rights, there's a big difference), it was actually very reassuring to see how much the animals were cared for in the lab.

    I looked up the info on the research group in the video and am happy to see that the dogs were rescued with the cooperation of the lab and not just stolen (which not only ruins the study but will just require more dogs to be tested). I hope they continue to work in conjunction with the labs to rescue any animals they are able to.

    • Frank

      I dunno. Reality is at a disadvantage when you can instead watch a video that plays sad music and has dogs in it.

  • dallenforth

    Kudos to Mac for posting this. It shows that the rescue attempts are working world wide, not just here in the US and Canada. Bravo for the Beagle Freedom Project, you just hit one of the most awesome audiences in the world "the Chivers' Network" we are world wide and we all stick together in it all.

    So from me and most likely any Chiver out there "Great Job"!!!

    Smile Mac ya did great on this one, Whooot!

  • Cesar Milan

    That dumb ass saying YAY all the time needs to shut the hell up! She's making the situation even worse for the dogs, idiot!

  • Gabe

    what kind of testing was done on them, do they know?

    • G.S

      No, they don't.

      Yet they will tell anyone who listens that they rescued them from "Hell".

  • Lack_of_logic

    Save the dogs! Forget the people… just save the freaking dogs!!

  • Tyler

    If you don't get a little bit teary eyed while watching this, you don't have a soul.

    • Frank

      "If you don't get a little bit teary eyed while watching this, you don't have a vagina."

      Fixed it for you.

  • V4Vendetta14

    Held my shit together until "Here Comes the Sun"… then it was all here comes the tears…

  • Sander Dijkman

    im so glad that those people still excist in a world fucked up like this

  • bse35

    very sweet very cool

  • Busternut

    You do realise the US test on animals too?
    Lets not mention the seals.

    • Ser

      They test on seals?

      Or are you referring to the sustainable seal hunt in which it has been illegal for 30 years to kill baby seals?

  • Keith

    Besides the heart warming message, I was distracted by the horrible camera work and I was upset that Sarah McLaughlin wasn't playing in the background.

  • Lauren

    Oh here come those salty tears of joy.

  • Kate

    So beautiful! Thank you for posting!

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