Research beagles rescued, go outside for first time (Video)

Last week, I read an article on MSNBC (here) about 40 beagles that had been rescued from a research facility in Spain. From the day they were born, these beagles had lived in metal crates and never stepped paw outside. That is, until Beagle Freedom Project came in and helped rescue the beagles and bring them back to the U.S. for adoption. Here is the footage of their first steps outside.

To donate to Beagle Freedom Project, click here.

  • Conor

    They weren't dogs inside. They were waiting to be, but they forgot. Now they see the sky and they remember what they are.

  • Scott


    Everyone adopt these wonderful animals 🙂

  • James

    Thank you Chive for sharing. I donated.

  • Brody

    My Levi was a rescue and I can’t imagine life without him. Good work Chive!

  • Phill Wolf

    just donated to the little guys, my heart goes out to them.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll adopt one but it would have to get to Alaska..

  • Anonymous

    I want to adopt one who do I call?

  • i_am_fouch

    After reading the terrible comments written by people on Yahoo news stories, it's nice to remember that there are those in this world who care. Keep Calm and Chive On

  • flyfisher76054

    Made me drop several tears…I love all dogs…that's why I do Greyhound rescue…Spain is probably the worst place in the world for canine mis-treatment.

  • Cattina2

    My son and I watched this with tears in our eyes. My son is 8 and he said he could never imagine how people could mistreat those precious things. God created all things. And we all are important in His eyes. Good work Chive!

  • Mike

    Welp, there's a donation.

  • Dr. Prof. Patrick

    MANLY TEARS!!! must adopt rescued animals! muussttt aadooopttt—–

  • BeagleDude

    fuckin' dirty spaniards!

    • Ser

      Spain has testing facilities that are releasing animals to people to find homes for.

      I bet they don't bother in the U.S because they merely kill them instead when they are done.

  • scottyboy1612

    Klaus, you are a major league asswipe. I do not own a dog but that was just downright inhuman. You sir are a douche.

  • StarkLeroy

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  • EvilYoda

    Where's the video? It has gone missing. Mac, please find it.

  • Ben


  • KHfan4evr

    I love my Beagle. It's heart warming to see this. Thanks for the smile, Chive.

  • Anmllvr

    This is very sad but does not only happen in places like spain. This happens in the US all the time. One of the best things a person can do is try avoiding products that test on animals like soap, makeup and cleaning supplies

  • Kris

    That first beagle looks like someone came in his mouth. 😛

    Seriously, I'm glad the beagles are okay.

  • Prangsta

    Don't people in Spain adopt dogs? They had to come back to the US why?

  • Preston

    People like this that devote their time to saving animals are the type of people that deserve nobel prizes.

  • AV

    Aw…my heart grew 3x bigger. It’s sad but the US also tests on animals still, even a few years ago major pet food companies were caught horribly mistreating dogs. And they still do! BUY CRUELTY FREE PRODUCTS! ADOPT FROM SHELTERS AND RESCUES!

  • chiver

    klaus … your mom shouldve aborted you…,,its sad in a world were people like you are as ignorant as so

  • Anonymous

    Beagles are used for animal testing because they are a particularily calm and friendly breed of dog. Their friendliness is exploited.
    This kind of research occurs frequently in the united states aswell. Usually they just kill the dogs once theyre done with them.

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