Hot Right Now: Things That Bounce Thursday (18 GIFS)

Russia's military abandons base in pursuit of cultivating hot model Valeria Sokolova (127 Photos)

Source of base
Source of rocket plant
Source of Valeria Sokolova

  • etcrr

    gorgeous, but too skinny for me.

    • Rick

      I was on the fence with this gals proportions…but would I say "no"?
      F*&% no, although I'm not saying she would say "yes"

  • Jon

    ditto. needs a little bit more meat on the bones.

  • NO.

    Agreed. Gorgeous face but…dayum, skinny bitch is SKINNY

  • Eddie

    I was more interested in the abandoned base then the skinny chick.

  • bse35

    pretty face beautiful hair, but no substance. It would feel like you were with a skeleton

  • Anon

    While I am not normally a fan of boob implants, I can't help but think about how much this girl needs a bigger chest. Her hair is gorgeous – definitely her best feature.

  • Hmmm


    Glass of water for dinner. "Sip, oh I'm stuffed."

    Some one get that girl a cheese burger and put her back into high school to cook for a while, she's not ready .

  • No You

    #115 my mind exploded. #128 my head exploded.

    • No You

      #126 ……..fuuuccckKK!

  • homebuilder

    Wait wait wait, she is a MRS? Totally not hot anymore. And she only looks like she is 19 at most.

  • Buford_Justice

    I would love to take her exploring with me in that base.

  • Keith Whitmore

    I got to admit she is skinny. But remember, closer to the bone, sweeter the meat!! :

  • armydudeinNC

    Uggggh!!! She needs to chow down on a sammich or five! I just don’t understand how guys can find bony women so attractive. :-/

  • Rusty

    A double cheese burger, large fries and a extra large shake daily, after a couple weeks she'll be just fine. I too was interested in the base, some of the items shown were from a nuclear storage facility.

  • Ed

    Just some skinny-no-curves girl that really needs to eat more.

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