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    I assume the whiskey in the bottles pickled his brain

  • Anonymous

    Ps . first!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ric


  • misschris

    It would be wonderful if this could help put a big dent in homelessness. Such a good idea, I wonder how this hasn't been thought of before. Maybe we could also cut back on all the trash piling up – this is really putting that to great use.

  • SpacemanSpiff


  • Jay

    If that had happened in America, the pitols would have to have press conferences for weeks in apology before they were discharged from the Air Force. Good to see some other countries can enjoy themselves. haha.

  • http://www.merrittplastics.co.uk/ David Rooney

    Good to see people from different parts of the world contributing to a greener planet. I would personally say these are the kinds of stuff that we should be spreading through viral campaigns (rather than spreading some stupid 'this is what people think i do' kinds of messages). Being a eco conscious person, let me be the first one to start, it would be on my FB today!

  • http://www.deeplas.co.uk/ Paul Martin

    This is awesome! There are over 24 billion water bottles that are wasted every year in the world. So, how many of these kinds of structures would we be able to build? Well, that's a figure more than what my calculator can even show.

  • http://www.eurocell.co.uk George Pepper

    Truly amazing! Perfect re-use of plastics. I guess we should be promoting companies/people that actually contribute to re-using of plastics than just promoting its awareness.

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