When I grow up, I wanna be a street artist (31 photos)

z panda gun When I grow up, I wanna be a street artist (31 photos)

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  • iwantone

    i wish i could hire one to paint my office

  • Buford_Justice

    #28 The result of loosing that Jenga game could be detrimental to your health.

  • OhSomeEvil


    Art Graffiti will always be original, creative, artistic and show the truest form of a free person.

    • thom

      It is not art, it is vandalism. They are inconsiderate jerks damaging other people's property, while feeling artsy. Pathetic.

      • parlay

        “Some people become cops because they want to make the world a better place. Some people become vandals because they want to make the world a better looking place.”

        — Banksy

      • sam

        We heard you the first time there, buddy

      • Flicka

        Dude, considering the FUCKING DUMPS those locations were in the first place, it's an improvement and adds to the value of the property if properly promoted.

        • bumble

          no it doesn't add value. It add cost to fix it. There are a lot of "Banksy" wanna-be's out there. And who the hell is he (Banksy") so say what's right or wrong to vandalize someones property. Those places aren't dumps, they're other people's property.

      • OhSomeEvil

        Thom; it's expression of people's inner feelings, and are therefore just as
        expressive, and even more raw, than polished works of art. Some of these people's graffiti & art are the only way their voices can be heard.

        • windowlicker

          I read that in Van Driessen's voice.

        • Craigery

          Can I punch you in the face to express my inner feelings? It's the only way my voice can be heard.

      • the_mike

        Your first comment posted. Thanks for playing.

      • bridgemaster

        As opposed to the giant glowing fucking M that I have to look at…? Light pollution in my opinion, fully legal though. I'm certainly not a graffiti artist, and I would be livid if somebody painted shit on the side of my house. But in a commercial area, creativity is a welcome intrusion on a plain brick wall.

      • HmmmmmmParty

        So true, someone has to clean it up, and someone’s expense

        • sam

          i drive past this in London almost every day, love it

      • TurboCDN

        I agree with thom, it is vandalism, plain and simple. While I think these are extremely well done, it is still defacing someone else's property. In some cities there are designated areas for street art and I think it's a good idea. It gives street artists a place to legally do it.

      • Steven

        "The people who truly deface our neighbourhoods are the companies that scrawl their giant slogans across buildings and buses trying to make us feel inadequate unless we buy their stuff." ~ Banksy

        • Jackalope

          yea, damn corporations, owning things and putting their logo on them. I like putting unicorn stickers on everyone else's car, 'cause they make me feel inadequate.

          • lonin

            So that is where that fucking sticker came from.

  • jdfish2279

    #8 Its Friday in OZ, you aint got no job, and you aint got shit to do.

    No wonder she saw flying monkeys.

  • hMMMM

    #28 – 3D + Street Art = Win

  • Alex

    Banksy rules.

    • Clayton

      Team Robbo

  • Ron Burgundy?

    I don't, I bet the pay is terrible…

  • Spencer_on_Fire

    #13 #14 #22

    These are actually kinda cool

  • Swarthy

    Why do people assume we want to see your perception of art outside on building, bridges, etc…

    • Tobi

      becuase life is short

    • Mason420

      Why do people assume we want to see your perception of commentary on the internet….

  • spoon chest

    I find #17 to be the most emotionally moving out of all of these. No political statement, no special effects, just truly beautiful art.

  • a_schoenoprasum

    love these posts. keep it up chive.

  • Mark

    #11 San Francisco Haight St !!

    • Jimmy

      It's Page and Oak

  • http://twitter.com/asylumstudio B Line (@asylumstudio)

    Love to hire one to paint my studio…. 🙂

  • Craigery

    #1 What is it?

    • Alex


  • MylesofStyles

    #30 I'm going to surprise the wife and have this painted on the wall above our bed.

  • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

    I find these cheap Banksy knockoffs, rather shallow and pedantic……..#9

    • Craigery

      I find your use of the word "pedantic" to be… pedantic.

      • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

        Good eye, Touche'!! Hahaha!

    • Guest

      That is an actual Banksy, it's on his website

  • Morgan Freeman

    BANSKY BANSKY BANSKY! am i cool yet?

    • Craigery

      No; you're not cool unless you've seen "Exit Through the Gift Shop".

    • ShakeyTheMoyle

      I agree…the Banksy glorification seems oddly "Hipster" to me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/origin2000 James Simpson

    While some of these images can truly be considered art, and some have an important social or political message, I personally find it very difficult to see them as anything other than vandalism. Unless, of course, the property owner consented to the installation — but where's the fun in that?.

    The cost to the public to clean up after these vandals outweighs, in many cases, the cleverness or importance of any message that they're attempting to convey.

  • etcrr

    I like #28 simple yet full of detail

  • http://www.tsn.ca/ CalAb13

    Again, yadda yadda yadda, hate people with talent


    • yadda yadda yadda

      Will do.

  • Jay

    I'm assuming that these will soon appear on a Chive t-shirt and the artist will be compensated as usual.

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  • Ian

    #2 is in Miami, the Wynwood Art District, right next to Joey's Pizza and Wynwood Kitchen….mmmm Pizza

  • bse35

    #7 is great

  • Mike


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