When I grow up, I wanna be a street artist (31 photos)

z panda gun When I grow up, I wanna be a street artist (31 photos)

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  • sdfds

    banksy is a pretentious douche

  • Nlarkin

    #21 I'll go ahead and take those humps now. For the next 300 yards please.

  • Auz_E

    When I grow up…….. Oh Wait

  • Roel

    Does anybody know where #26 is from ? I have seen the same kind of rat on a wall in Heerlen, The Netherlands.

  • http://musingsandtheories.blogspot.com Daiz

    Sup with all that Banksy wanna be shit? I mean, really. Isn't the whole point of street art to make a name for yourself and be original? Not that I don't love the whole Exit Through the Gift Shop thing and the art itself.

  • Anon

    shepard fairey is the best.

  • Yem

    #1 & #2 space invaders mosaics are fantastic in my opinion!

  • Matt

    I always laugh at western People's accents

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