A high-res look at the new Mars rover ‘Curiosity’ (18 HQ Photos)

NASA recently launched the new Mars Science Laboratory, which holds a car-sized rover named Curiosity. The rover should land on Mars sometime mid August 2012 and comes equipped with four 7" DVD screens, two 15" bose subwoofers, 30" chrome spinner rims and a rear spoiler. It will search the red planet for babes and beach parties because Mars is now part of America.

  • Rebecca black

    Friday Friday got to get down to mars on Friday. Which seat should I take?

  • crackerbarrel

    And whitey walks on the moon…..

  • http://thechive Alex

    Wall-e on steroids

  • MacBookSucks:|

    Lets hope it's software isn't anything Macintosh made because if it is we're gonna be screwed.

  • Robert

    I suppose Mars does need women, after all… #18

  • Anonymous

    where has this shit been hiding?

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