Believe it or not, the world is beautiful (25 HQ Photos)

  • afewlittletrysts

    #16 if those are indeed people on top of that rock. I'd love to join them. that view must be spectacular.

    • Big_Curt

      I think I would rather just take a helicopter and look out the window

    • barefootjourney

      There are indeed people on the ledge in the middle and on the middle of the rock on the lower half…

  • etcrr

    #2 please

    • tommy

      lake galatea, alberta, canada

      theres another tiny lake just above this one. goooorgeous

  • Inigo

    #3 hey this is back, not complaining though it is a spectacular pic

    • cooshite

      where is it? it is awesome.

      • Underbaker

        Yes, where be #3 ? because when I win the lottery and can travel the world I want this to be on my places to visit list.

        • Adam Brown

          It looks like Batu Caves which are just outside Kuala Lumpur

  • Inigo

    Wake up, check chive, find a load of great images to become new background. Good start to the day, now to go get a coffee

  • @mkingscott

    #3 is awesome – great post 🙂

  • bob lee swagger

    #4 – What's to stop me from swimming out and stealing a bunch of boats…it appears nothing?

    • bob lee swagger

      FAIL. I meant #5

    • Jay

      Other than leaving your Mom's basement, washing the cheeto stains off of your fingers, and getting a job to buy a airline ticket, nothing is stopping you.

  • chetvik

    #9 want to live there

  • varlotto


    Awesome. I live in PA so the only color water I get to see is a murky brown.

    • bse35

      It's time to travel, to places, I shuggest going to number 18

    • Alfred

      Garabaldi Lake, near Whistler, British Columbia.

  • t-spoon17

    #3 batman cave?

    • nope

      we call that the batcave.

    • cjuncosa

      Clearly this is where the smoke monster lives.

  • third and long

    Where’s #13 from as want to go the.

  • Megan Farr

    #14 Amazingly stunning.

    • _V_

      just like you

      • @adamcarter

        where is this, anyone know?

        • Devin Medrano

          Looks like Greece or somewhere in the Mediterranean judging from the terrain.

  • saucypants

    Pretty sad that most of these just make me think of how awesome Skyrim is.

    • bse35

      I play skyrim too, but I think it is sad that you would rather pick a computer game to real life. I am not trying to insult you, just trying to get you to realize there's more to life, than Skyrim.

  • Jensarni

    #23 I live there 🙂 Keeping calm and chiving on…

    • Ireland4517

      Where is this? Amazing!

    • eggnog

      I built my castle in Minecraft on a spot just like this…

    • Underbaker

      So I guess you don't want visitors since you didn't say where there is?

    • Camarodude

      I'm guessing Scotland sir?

  • Ansell

    Not only is the world awesome, but thankfully it doesn't look like most of these horribly over-processed photos.

    • heywoodjablowme

      if thats your way of saying SHOPPED!!! Then my reply to you is, yeah… and??!!

    • philmeister

      As a photographer I agree. Many of these look like they were shot with a point and shoot (cheap lenses) and then shot out of an HDR cannon

  • B Line (@asylumstudio)

    #3 awesome

  • gregorije1

    #8 i want to go on a road trip!

    • @adamcarter

      That is Zion National Park near St. George, Utah!

    • Alan

      It's from the top of Angel's Landing in Zion National Park. I climbed that this summer. It's absolutely beautiful.

      • SimonPhoenix

        Awesome.. how long is the hike? A Coupe of days, I hope. Looking for a place to do somet backpacking after graduation.

        • Luis Garcia

          It's about 5 hrs but there are a lot of hikes to go on in zion national park. Some easy ones and some that will require climbing gear and/or a wetsuit, like the subway which will be a day hike. It's an awesome place to visit.

  • jojo

    anyone know where #24 is? fantastic picture………..

    • Auz_E

      Near Mordor, somewhere.

    • TioChan

      This is ridiculously photoshopped. The mountains on the background are the Cuernos del Paine, in southern Chile.

  • Matty

    #1 Yosemite never ceases to amaze me. Im always thankful for the people that fought to keep it safe from loggers and commercialism.

    • echogeo

      We can thank John Muir & Theodore Roosevelt.
      In 1903 the area was visited by Theodore Roosevelt, and Muir and Roosevelt camped in Mariposa Grove and rode on horseback to Glacier Point. Roosevelt, a renknowed outdoorsman, called Yosemite "the most beautiful place in the world."
      In 1906, during Roosevelt's presidency, and again through the efforts of John Muir, Sierra Club president William Colby, Roosevelt, and others, the state lands were receded to the federal government and both the magnificent valley and grove became part of the national park which is known today. Some additional lands were added to the park in 1913.

      • justin

        thank you Google.

        • echogeo

          Google is our friend. I've always been a fan of Teddy though. Too bad he isn't our president these days.

      • Matty

        You should watch "the national parks: america's greatest idea" by ken burns. I kind of ignored it till netflix pretty much demanded i watch it. Im glad i did. I actually learned some things about places i have been to countless times.

        • echogeo

          I haven't seen that one. However, I do watch Nat'l Geo fairly often. I will look for it. Thanks.

    • Eric

      Don't like loggers? Try wiping your ass with plastic.

      • Matty

        If you were to ever visit yosemite you'd retract your ignorant statement. I recognize the fact that logging is a necessary evil, but they can get trees from less beautiful areas.

        • Eric

          I was being a smart ass. Get over yourself.

  • MattKL

    #22 Aha! We finally found Nestle's magic chocolate spring!

    But seriously, awesome post. "And I say to myself, what a wonderful world."

    • Jhillman17

      Barron Falls, Queensland Australia

    • ash

      just down the road from me this place 🙂

  • Gonz

    #24 is the Torres del Paine in Chile, but i'm pretty sure the first plan, including the bridge and hills are Pshop post production.

  • bse35

    #23 Wow, beautiful place

    • Camarodude

      I think it's scotland man

  • AlwaysQuinning

    #18 It's about time for a new wallpaper. Wish I lived near water that clear.

  • mderynn

    These are just some of the few reasons I love hiking and mountain climbing.

  • BlLL

    This makes me depressed I'm locked into a job driving a delivery truck. I just have to figure out a business were I can work from anywhere in the world, than the traveling begins!

    • Bill57

      *then…dumb ass.

  • luckynumberlucas

    #9 is in igls, austria, I live there and this photo is shopped, because the mountains in the background are actually from the opposite side of the valley. i mean, the scene is pretty enough, no need to shop it.

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