Bring in some talent to class up this dump (12 Photos)

  • StoneJars

    Unbelievable. THAT is a fucking mural.

  • Balu Moriya

    I see this everyday on my way to Loyola campus, woot woot montreal

    • rable

      fuck you frenchy

      • Big Daddy K

        clearly 'rable' can't read english… or he would of realized your comment was in ENGLISH. N

        • balumoriya

          lol i have to agree with you on that one, no where in my comment was anything related to french.

      • CHiver

        racist much??

  • G. Foreman Guarantee

    1. Yes, it's in Montreal. The piece is called NOTRE-DAME-DE-GRACE (N.D.G – which is a borough in MTL).
    2. I, unfortunately, guarantee that it'll be tagged over before the weekend. There are so many stupid kids in the city that think they are graffiti artists, when in actual fact they are pieces of sh!t taggers.

  • crazydog

    Oh wait, it's in canada? Why waste art there?

    all joking aside, it's really well done

    • Anonymous

      Because the US is too busy getting fat and killing innocent people to stop and look at a mural!

  • misschris

    Wow that is beautiful! And all with spray paint?? Amazing. I wish I was that good at anything 🙂

  • kjwalle

    Im gonna hire those guys to paint my house!

  • Tom


  • CelticDuck

    This is in Montreal – right around the corner from my place. The people responsible for it can be seen at
    The city passed a law recently making property owners responsible for removing graffiti on their buildings. If you don't do it, they can come in to clean it up and bill you for it. This was the creative solution to covering the scrawls. (Yeah – scrawls. Banksy doesn't live here. )
    It has been about a month and no idiot has tagged it (yet!).

  • Mandalor

    that is just crazy cool

  • Nerd

    Should have cleaned off the tag and stopped there.

  • abt

    At first i was like…this is shit, then i scrolled down and was like daym!!!

  • bse35

    those guys have some serious talent. Considering it's all from paint cans and not air paint sprayers

  • Steve

    AMAZING! too bad some shit head will tag it by next week.

  • CelticDuck

    Here's a story on it. It says it took them 16 straight days!

  • John


  • .Krookz

    That'll show those kids and their shitty graffiti!

  • Douche McFuckstain

    Today I drew a Wu Tang Clan symbol. Your move, art guys.

  • gecalecagus

    Hope they cited Mucha on that one…! Still awesome!!

    • Texas guy

      Thanks for making the reference to Mucha. Love his work, love this work.

  • defiantDOOKIE

    This should be put on a shirt Chive. I’m just saying.

  • Montreal

    Wow…another giant waste of 26000$…

  • yanet

    And unless it's an approved mural, this will be covered. 😦

    Stupid rules.

  • Jay

    I love those "au naturel" fishnet stockings she's wearing.

    Great work.

  • oldurp


  • tizsm

    that was really cool

  • Da Sandman


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