Bring in some talent to class up this dump (12 Photos)

  • hausmaus

    I was going to ask where this is. Amazing.

  • Anonymous

    U had me at herro

  • thom

    Since this was commissioned by the owners of this building, this is art and is beautiful, as opposed to the gallery yesterday of people defacing other people's property.
    If they did this without the permission of the owners, I would still consider it beautiful, but not art. It would be vandalism.

    • James Simpson

      I couldn't agree more. I'd love to see more actual street art like this on chive, rather than publicizing the work of common (or uncommon) vandals and criminals.

  • Any MTL Chivettes?

    didn't realize how many montrealers there are on the chive….
    any montreal chivettes out there? If so, send in your pics… show the Chive how hot Quebec girls are…

    • CHiver

      we should organize a gathering

  • Patski

    so good

  • CalAb13


  • bunedoggle

    How great would it be if Obama put up some stimulus money to employ thousands of artist like these guys to make everything look awesomer?

  • Jack_LeMac

    This is pretty awesome, what were you expecting?

  • fist_of_fury


  • Anonymous

    ^ i don’t want my tax dollars going towards art, thanks. Beautiful art there though.

  • Kate

    I bet you hear that from your girlfriend all the time.

    • Tyler Hobbs

      what girlfriend?

  • Not a fan

    When you see it…

    Its Celine Dion

  • Anonymous

    Great job. That takes talent.

  • b money


  • mthlmw

    Why can't there be some law along the lines of "If it's awesome, it stays?"
    …not that it would work, logistically 😦

  • Jason

    Alphonse Mucha much? Come on, I'm sure I'm not the only one that went to art school here.

  • touch dick

    Its not about how cool it is, it is about if you are willing to get your hands dirty on the street. Not asking permission to see if its okay to write.

  • Carbon

    Holy balls sir. Holy Ballys…

  • JJ A.B

    dAtSiK. pretty sweet art

  • Rick

    When a tagger will eventually deface this glorious mural, said tagger will apparently become the most important person in the world … at least that's what I think they're trying to do here without actually being able to prove that they are important in the real world, else I can't begin to see what the point is from this sort of activity.
    These talented mural-painters are helping to contribute in the most positive way to society and should be applauded for their efforts … but in my current and slightly biased viewpoint, taggers seem only interested in jumping around like monkeys, flinging their crap on the walls and uttering phrases like "ooh ooh ah ah" as they point wildly at their handiwork.
    If someone out there would like to offer an informative explanation on the benefit and justification of taggers exhibiting their form of "art" slash "scribbles", then I'm all ears. Undoubtably though, there will be many non-sensical reactions to come as soon as the primal instinct to push out unimaginitive excretions takes fore, which will only go further towards validating my comments above.
    So, please help me to understand why tagging exists, because I am always willing to grant respect to anyone who earns and deserves it.

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