• joe

    maybe second!?!

  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t get pass 10 seconds. Maybe she can just wack me off

  • Johnny Red Bull

    That is a fine, fun woman. F you haters. More for me.

  • Patio

    Yeah for CW!

  • CalAb13

    LOL cute

    Should have incorporated this move too…….

    <img src="; = img>

    • pooper

      at work… must not fap…


      cool move

  • Bob

    Poor sportsmanship to me…

  • Anonymous

    Is she drunk?

  • Anonymous

    Hit all three.

  • Mee

    lol, bratislava!

  • shog'

    this made my day ^^

  • Anonymous

    What’s the first song plays?

  • Anonymous

    Nice moves if it was the 50’s.


    SERIOUSLY with the FUCKING POP UP ADS for the Crystal shit! COME ON, Chive!

  • Anonymous

    The first song is called danza kuduro de Don Omar, nice song jajaja

  • Anonymous

    Well you don’t see that at Wimbledon…

  • WTF

    It wiggles and giggles. What not to like? Who cares if she tries to play tennis too.

  • DerJöe

    this proofs: white chicks cant dance
    great ass though

  • Scoop

    hot rich girl who likes to have fun, what more does a man want?

  • bse35

    watch the butt jiggle

  • Alumni72

    Victory dance? More like a halftime show.

  • steveholt007

    sign me up for that…all damn day long! Tennis players have killer legs, and the skirts arent bad either!


    She should come to Trinidad for Carnival!! She'll fit right in!!!!

  • Jrock

    She looks like the funnest person on the planet to hang out with.

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