For the leg guys out there -by popular demand (40 photos)

  • Brad Dupre

    I love it a day of legs and hump day all on this day November 30, 2011 which happens to be my 40th birthday. I am a huge fan of both legs and ass.You made this guy's day a whole lot more enjoyable.Thanks, Thanks, and more Thanks. I hope to see more wonderful leg additions in the future.

  • DaddyD

    Any time my dear departed Dad would see a nice pair of legs, he would say, "it's really too bad about her legs." An innocent bystander would ask, "what's wrong with her legs?" And he would reply, "they're connected to her ass." My mother would then shake her head in shame.

    • Josh

      What the hell sense does that make?

  • swe



  • DL


  • OneEndedStick

    #28 Australia represent!!

  • Michael

    #16-Why…Lieutenant Dan has magic legs.
    #38-Nice, but knee-faces always freak me out…

  • Hank

    This has been a long time coming, and I am so very happy that it's finally here.

    An even more loyal Chiver,

  • Josh Franco

    #36 Juliana Daniell

  • btman


  • Anonymous

    Who is #31!!! Please for the love of God and this soldier tell me someone knows or has more of her!

  • MN Man

    Gwad. This leg post is about as great a thing as Mind the Gap, or Tatoo'd Chicks…….. Nicely done! #22 can wrap around like a boa constrictor. Wow!

  • Mark

    There are a lot of "Y's" I'd like to eat at in this post!

  • sam84944

    An entire post of legs and not one pic of Stacy Keibler? Sacrilage!!!!

  • NE_Braska


    Wow, she's long…

  • Sue Acide

    34 is disgusting. Only trailer trash would do that. 40 is hot

  • DiazFannie

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  • george

    #2 is clearly the best

  • ripped jst right

    #32…………all dudes right?

  • ros
  • mick0311

    You should do a version featuring women that eat food. 😉

  • Gimme more

    Everything about #36 is perfect

  • Dreamer

    Chive please find #36

  • Sammie

    They all look great chive with the exception of beyonce's fat thighs. Please show more of #36. She is amazing all around.

  • Krich

    Thank you so damn much!

  • barabotz

    shouldn't a leg gallery contain multiple pictures of Stacy Kiebler?

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