It’s been too rong since we poked fun at Asians (29 photos)

  • racist


  • racist

    hey chive, F U

  • baxter

    this is absolutely racist . nice job chive

  • baxter

    worst blog ever. Nice job chive. way to be racist

  • My.Opinion

    Woah #11 was pretty awesome

  • Anonymous

    lets fucking kill some middle eastern babies n be a hero

  • Racquel

    I\’m nice from the neck up but nobody wants to see the rest of me ayomnre. Although I do seem to still have a lot of muscle tone in the arms and shoulders, dunno wtf is up with that since I haven\’t lifted in over 10 years guess I\’m just testosteroneally blessed

  • jack

    Just to be fair, Chive should do posts making fun of whites, blacks, and hispanics.

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