Amurika F Yeah! (53 photos)

  • timwhite321

    America! Fuck YEAH!

  • @cooldudestuff

    America, FUCK YEAH!

  • Da Sandman

    #28 that's because it is

  • kyle

    #22 looks like an Alex Pardee painting. Could be wrong though…

  • Rex

    #20 I want that air-brushed on my tailgate . . . 'MERICA!

  • Barry MCokiner

    #18 So you took the end of a vibrator and jammed it in your cup holder and when you went to remove it, it broke off leaving you with this? Call "Sully" he'll peddle it.

  • showtownman

    #45 Kid'll live to regret that one.

  • shawn

    #58 was my homeboy. they never had anything to cook on at da hotel

  • Marcis

    #8 Merica!

  • luke

    Pic 4 (the Mc Donalds one) is actually from England, In Coventry, perhaps the greyest city in the world

  • Anonymous

    #26 Find Her

  • bse35

    get that farm bitch a john Deere, Bitches from the farm love John Deere

  • Always Last


  • Steve

    #45 He must have notices that she was really a he and was tucking. Must of looked like she crapped herself. Either that or the kid is not so interested in women.

  • lfgd1978

    #53 Thank god they caught that Amish gang :p

  • Moragami

    #31 – Has never left America. Thinks it is the best country in the world, despite all statistics to the contrary. Also doesn't know what statistics are.

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