Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • lane

    i cant believe how late this is today…

    • http://www.myspace.com/theamericanmaniacs BentWrenches

      Don't matter,got my calendar bitches!

    • SSSS


    • maraloc

      First world problems.

  • toby m.

    #3, #17, #28, #45

    I shall call this the DAR of truth.

    • bart

      dont forget #13 as well

    • http://www.facebook.com/evelyn.ponce Evelyn Ponce Quintero

      the girls making sandwiches one kind of made me look at it in a new way, i'll probably stop complaining about it now lol

      • hMMMM


      • jjjjj

        and that guy's probably not getting laid in a while…

    • i9h8h

      #3 could also double as "six in the real world. ten on the chive".

      • Smuggler

        She looks like a ten in the real world…or am I just picturing her in the office?

    • http://www.thechive.com SmokeyMorgan

      #28 Bond. Like a boss. Thank you Mr. Craig.

  • https://www.facebook.com/a.d.lahey Andrew Lahey

    #2 Why do I ALWAYS miss "Kick a Ginger Day"? My Chive calendar better have that marked.

    • Pfffft

      What's worse?

    • Barry

      Yeah boy, mark it.. COME AT ME BRO

    • Jester

      Everyday is kick a ginger day. lol! No, but really fuck you.

    • Ollie

      Kick me and I will give you beat your ass so bad they will play it on the Sportcenter highlight reel with a Crimson Tide caption. You will break down in fear every time you hear the rick rolled song.

      • hMMMM

        so…you're the tough guy ginger? First thing that came to mind was Carrot Top.

        • Hmmmm

          fag. you sound like a steelers fan

          • TBoyRoy

            You know he's lying. The first thing that came to his yinz-ass mind was Andy Dalton! lol

        • Just some dude

          hey hMMMM you know, Chuck Norris is also ginger

  • russian

    Dear Chive, I need a best friend.
    Like the guy from the movie “I love you man”, I have a wedding coming up but don’t have a best man. I live in southern CA. Help me Chive!!!
    P.S. The reason is because I moved here from Россия.

    • winfields

      opposite Russian bride? hopefully a rich woman paid you to come here.

    • peanut3603

      I live in Southern CA. For a couple hundred dollars I can be in a wedding…. Under 2 conditions

      1. Must be open bar
      2. Be ok with me getting shitty drunk and hitting on the bridesmaids.

      It will cost a lot more for me to stay sober, but that can be an option.

    • http://www.myspace.com/theamericanmaniacs BentWrenches

      I can do it.I'm in San Diego.Pretty much same conditions as ^^^

    • russian

      Seems like this came out wrong. I don't need a best man, I need a fellow chiver to become friends with.

      • Georgian

        I vill think about it.

        • Doda

          LMAO. you really Georgian btw?

    • lovesasha

      what city in cali? My fiance is from Belarus and he is the coolest guy ever! He is friends with a few Russians here too from the OC..if that's close to you?

      • rus


    • SMB

      I'll do it for free and only on the condition that there's an open bar or someone buys my drinks. In exchange, you get my presence and the best damn best man toast ever spoken. I'm in So Cal.

    • http://www.fireflygroupevents.com james

      If you need help with your Stag Do/Bachelor party, I can help you out. fireflygroupevents.com that's what I do for work. As for the friend part….

    • hMMMM

      This was entertaining.

  • DAC9

    DARn almost made first

  • Dave

     That awkward moment when you finish the DAR and realize, no new content until tomorrow!! Oh well, keep calm and chive on

    • SpacemanSpiff

      except yesterday…they uploaded 3 shitty vids after DAR

    • JDB

      that horrible moment you mean.

      • Cock boy

        You guys sound like fags.

  • a_schoenoprasum


    dear chiver –

    your co-worker is about to walk up behind you.

    burn your bra posts

    • JDB

      Always keep that "Work Related" internet page open, and Ctrl+Tab that bitch.

      • JLC

        Pro tip ^

      • lazy emloyee

        I prefer to use "windows key + D" to minimize all, although it may look like im still slacking off. Sometimes ill ctrl tab and ill change to an equally non-work related website, and recieve that look of disapointment i loath ohh so much.

    • Daith_Lee

      Man, this is true….I hear anything that sounds like people getting out of their chairs, I turn into a paranoid schizophrenic…thus selling myself out, lol.

    • FONZIE

      How are pushing those keys not blatently obvious?

    • http://twitter.com/pezatsea @pezatsea

      I turned my freaking desk around so I have plenty of time to make a small mouse click. Damn awkward on here click, it looked too much like dick so I put mouse in the middle so it didn't say small dick.

    • J_Dub

      I put up a fish-eye mirror above my screen on the cubicle wall so I can see anybody walking towards me.

      mirror at autozone = 10 bucks
      still having a job = 60k

  • http://twitter.com/Griffin_Ryan @Griffin_Ryan

    #36, that's pretty fucking awesome

    • https://www.facebook.com/jason.ciotti Jason Ciotti

      There are few moments in peoples' lives that I wish i could be there for just to watch everything take place. This is probably in the top 3.

    • lovesasha

      Here's to hoping this was a prelude to an actual proposal…. or else you suck

    • Anonymous

      I am honestly surprised you got away with your life

      • teh dude

        If you really did that, thats probably one of the shittiest things you could do to a woman.


        • CeCe Peniston

          I call bullshit.

        • people too

          You have a pretty low opinion of women, don't you?

    • Lisa

      i admit that's ballsy, but i would have killed you.

    • WoogyMonster

      Not a single Blow Job was given that day…

  • Matthew Mac

    #1 That guy needed to turn around!

  • Stan Stanson

    Late DAR is…late

  • http://www.allinbayarea.com TWON925

    #9 O my God O my God o MY God

    • JLC

      Walk right up and plug in.

      • Shad

        You mean PLUG and PLAY

    • El_Hefe

      no kidding OMG.. thats a Pioneer Elite Plasma on the wall

    • Cyberfunker

      The image in the tv screen looks like….oh shit!

    • hMMMM

      what's with the dirty space on the bottom left

  • Whoopi

    #18 WINNER!!!

    • hMMMM

      never seen a square ass before…

      • tralfaz

        Sponge Bob

  • Diggler

    #8 I want to be a white blanket for X-mas…

    • carl

      #48 or a pair of jeans…

    • JDB

      I wanna be hittin that for Christmas.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Cagekicker69 Paul Baumeister

      Sexiest blanket EVER!

    • patov40

      This was my "wow" pic of the post. At first I was like, "Meh", but then I was like "WOW!" B)

  • Danny

    DAR is late, but we still love it

  • chvlvr

    #18 that's how you do it #29 yikes

  • SSSS


    • faceplate

      • SSSS


    • faceplate

      don't know if the poll worked, but what the fuck is this guy saying?

      • SSSS


        • DCMOFO

          Who learned you how to wrote?

          • SSSS


    • tara

      I dont get it

      • anonymous

        Does anyone?

      • HeyJewed

        You must have failed algebra.

  • Wet_tosti

    #48 shining with a flashlight on the screen. Still can't see.

    • a_schoenoprasum

      won't stop trying though…

      • Wet_tosti

        Upping the gamma of the screen, still no result.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Tomsfoolery Tommy

      I've been asking for a gallery of these for months. Sadly, no body else seems to feel the same way.

      • a_schoenoprasum

        count me on board tommy.

        chive – a gallery of pics where you can see down the girlie's pants. right away!

        that will be all.

      • Maynard B.

        Sign me up also. I damn near started to lick the screen.

      • .Krookz


    • Active_hunter

      I tried tilting the screen, still no luck.

    • anonymous

      this gap is makes my jeans tight in seconds. please make a whole thread with this gap!

      • Anonymous

        That a little more info than we needed…..

      • the other Jen

        that's not a gap. the chive should just stop trying to get it right. they've failed too many times…..

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1599393050 Chris Magee

      not an Out-E Fan. Sorry

    • Mike

      That girl needs to fucking eat something.

      • big red

        Mike Hock is a good start

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=810473367 Aaron Cohn

    #48 god bless you

  • jrey81

    #37 & #38 CLAIRE THREAD!!!! #9 perfect! #18 epic win night happens when your midnight snack is in her lunch box.

    • Drew

      Agreed, a Claire thread would be very nice.

      • Cletus

        Thank you chive, for featuring these pictures of Claire from LOST.

        That's the same chick, right?

  • Dick Folgers

    #8 #18 #45 so true #49 DAAAYUMM!

    • Master_Rahl

      you said it – #49 has an incredible hump, SUCH a good thing. could watch that gif over and over… I mean, DID watch

      • Killinem

        Does anyone else think that #8 look weird? Its looks like her torso is extremely long and disproportionate to rest of her body. It might be just me but that shit looks funky. It tis sexy though

  • winfields

    #45 thanks coach, good advice! (I thought it was going to be something about staying safe in the showers)

    • Josh

      No, no, no you miss understood, he's the coach for the Oakland Athletics…

  • Yes Sir

    #3 summarizes my entire office building

    • dpy

      Also the whole US Army only she's a 3 in the real world, yuck!

    • )(98098

      and the chive.

  • R2GFan

    #8 and #18

    Holy shit balls! That's sexy as hell!

  • CHiver

    #37 #38 HOT!

    • Whiskyb

      A beautiful woman, enough said

      • Bubba

        not enough. I want MOAR!

  • Intensemasterdebater

    #28 Bond, James Bond is correct.

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