How to “enhance” a photo. And by enhance I mean horrifically butcher (15 Photos)

  • Mike

    Thank GOD for Chivettes!

  • EldJotnar

    I DONT THINK THIS IS RIGH! but the the boobs got bigger

  • child.molester

    fake and lame, in most of them the middle one is the actual pic..

  • Anonymous

    Why does the hair have to get longer?

  • UPSgrrrL88

    It's really sad to see that these perfectly normal women hate themselves that much that they have to make such drastic changes to their photos. After decades of having to look at bone-thin models and be told that anything over 115lb is fat….this is what you get. A bunch of pretty, normal women who think their fat when they look absolutely fine.

  • All natural chivette

    Proves my theory that if u bolt on some fake tits to any average looking girl, most men will say she is “hot”. Fake plastic Barbies are not hot especially after u have some kids with them and u find out how ugly they looked before thru your fugly children. perfect example: Cindy Margolis

  • ggg1228

    Obviously this is done to make a point NOT to make the models look better.

  • dub

    sara underwood needs no photoshopping

  • Anonymous

    All #1 did was turn super sayin 3

  • Neil

    Yea most of them are exaggerated and stupid by the end. Although, I’d be lying if I said the originals where sexier than like the second or third version.

  • Shane

    Women should be pissed off, and revolt against this nasty shit!

  • DiazFannie

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  • Felcus


  • Boscoe

    I think these are hilarious. You guys should lighten up. It's called "caricature".

  • lfsg

    #10 can't believe the nose is not photoshopped


    STOP ACTING LIKE A BUNCH OF CHICKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CalAb13

    Just like drinkin a case of beer 😉

  • livetodrive


    Sarah Jean Underwood….marry me??

  • dave

    great way to show it guys, well done

  • trevor smith

    Its like they all turn into slutty super saiyan 3's

  • B.J.

    For the record, I am pro-enhancements!

  • Whatever

    Seriously, #13 moar please/find her, whatever, just get us some additional pics.

  • ros

    "Nothing worse"? Speaking as a member of "Occupy Wall Street", you've obviously "forgotten" about Napoleon's disastrous attempted invasion of Russia in 1812. Or have you???! Or do you just want everyone else to forget! WE WILL NEVER FORGET!!!

    • Annony


      You talk about "occupy wall street" on a chive section with photoshopped girls?

      get a life dude…….

  • Mr.Party

    its like they're going super saiyan!!!!

  • MikeL71

    In my opinion, about halfway into the changes (or further) are usually improvements.
    But what sucks about all of these is the ridiculous expectations of reality that they create.

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