How to “enhance” a photo. And by enhance I mean horrifically butcher (15 Photos)

  • Jimbob Jones

    #1 They didn't do a bad job on her ass, I mean, it doesn't look like it was shopped.

  • iamCRo

    Third picture along on each of them.

  • Anonymous

    U guys do this everyday on chive so???

  • Dana Xu

    #9 and yet they did nothing with the nose…

  • 94094

    go stick a cactus up your ass, Yessirr. fuck off.

  • KyleGamgee

    Definitely prefer Chivettes.

  • jenny

    Wow u guys r losers, getting off on photoshoped women….get a fucking life!

  • Anonymous

    #5 is photoshopped showing her having small boobs. Her names bryci. Boobs are like 28f if I remember correctly

  • fishslayer78

    Sorry I like the shopped ones better!



  • moeshere Foxdale

    That shit happens all the dam time at the bar guys…This is nothing freaking new ahhaahhahaha

  • Bob

    I hate photoshop, it makes dudes like 'fake' women and not real sexy women.

  • Steve

    PS thanks

  • Brian

    #15 last frame
    Female Super Saiyan 3!
    Her power level! it's over 9000!

  • Anonymous

    Why do the girls get hotter as the clips go along.

  • Dickle

    Stop the madness! This crap is teaching our young girls such low self esteem. This is so much more harmful than we all thought. Death to any magazine that photoshops and any other Co. that does it too.

  • DBZ

    #10 and #13 turn into Super Sayans

    • DBZ

      #10 and #15

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  • its_forge

    #15 I'm sorry, it should be a federal offense to butcher Missy Peregrym like that. Not to mention whoever that other sweetie is.

    What *is* this moron caveman bullshit that women have to have yards and yards of hair? Fuck that, have you never heard the term "high maintenance?" How about "I can't go out this weekend, I have to spend the next 54 hours conditioning and setting my hair or I will lose this do." FUCK ALL OF THAT.

  • Marcis

    #12 My goodness! enhanced or not still gorgeous!

  • oogabooga

    Does anyone else see the anime theme in these photos?

  • Annony

    I think that their last enhancements are perfect, except the boobs are too big. And I'm a girl, and I wish I could look like them with yards of hair, hourglass shape and D cup boobs.

    I bet that most these men saying "chivettes are better" will go animal crazy if they actually see those 'bimbos' in real life.

    • Nay

      thats the thing – they're trying to say that they know those last images are unrealistic and they appreciate real beauty, I think they like the idea that theres a real girl behind each of the chivettes
      idk I think its refreshing

  • bse35

    gorgeous ladies anything more than a handful I just don't need, of course I do have large hands

  • Retired Navy

    Reminds me of closing hour at a bar!!!

  • Jawbone

    #10 That fucking skank needs all the help she can get.

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