KCCO and Bill Murray LAUGH posters have arrived! (6 Photos)

A couple weeks ago, we featured the photo below of Sarah Jay in theCHIVE offices. Visible in the background was a poster we'd made, a parody of Shepard Fairey's OBEY featuring Bill Murray that simply reads LAUGH. After we featured the photo, we received hundreds of emails asking us to make a the poster, and just as many asking if we'd ever make KCCO (apparently some clever student at Indiana University made his own KCCO poster and has a very popular dorm room. Well done, Ben).

And so we've made a few (frame not included). We don't know if we'll make them again but they're hear now per your request. KCCO available here. LAUGH available here. Needless to say, they won't last long.

keep calm poster KCCO and Bill Murray LAUGH posters have arrived! (6 Photos)

Keep Calm here.

Bill Murray LAUGH here.

  • jake

    wtf am i gonna do with a poster? how bout a hat or more shirts?

    • JerkFace

      shove it up your ass

  • Ash

    You all need help. None of you found Bill Murray awesome until joining this site and now he's your favorite celeb? Mugs and posters of a website? Get a grip losers!!!

  • Anonymous

    I just bought mine!!!!!!!!!!! Keep calm and chive on guys.

  • Kate

    Thank you Chive! I now have the best Christmas gift for my brother that is hard to buy for!

  • etcrr

    I dig BFM but don't want a shirt or poster

  • barrytheoxman

    I don't want a poster, I want a god damn t-shirt!!!

  • http://www.thisisarealwebsite.com This is my real name

    #4 Just bought this along with 1,000 lbs of awesome

    • Anonymous

      You know i did but I think its more along the line of 10000 lbs of awesome.

  • Nu

    Why am I not surprised these havnt sold out…everyone is going to want one a month from now when pictures surface of hot ass chicks replicating sarah jay’s picture above (#5) [[ contest op chive ]]

    I hope chive never prints more for you ungrateful heathens.

  • Asdfghjkl

    To the assholes bitching about not having a shirt I guess you should have ordered on Monday. Now get a poster and shut up.

  • Loud@theClouds

    I mean bill Murray is cool and all but why would I want him on a shirt or a poster, that’s kinda gay

  • Chris

    There should be a 10 ft. bronze statue of BFM in every city with a population over 100,000.
    Also I'm really starting to hate you F*CKING Guys, I already have to check the site like 3 times a f*cking day like some smack crazed junkie and NOW here is one more item I constantly will never get, forever staring at those hurtful words OUT OF STOCK. F*CK YOU and your SUPER FANTASTIC web site. Oh and Ash, F*ck you too– We all found Bill awesome before these smart F*ckers that run this e-crack pic post decided to only make like 5 t-shirts at a time. KCCO — BUFFALO NY

    • big brother

      You're a tool.

  • Cock Boy

    I'm sorry but Bill Murray does not make me laugh. And all this branding shit is lame. Just another passing fad that the cookie cutter kids buy into. After all, this is just another site that regurgitates photos. Oh, and they make shitty shirts . Awhile back I saw a kid sporting a Chive shirt in a club trying to get noticed. I robbed his ass and Gaddafi'd him.

  • Please

    BFM is the man but a poster? KCCO poster is great idea but should have been out there a long time ago and i believe its time to move on with different products, just more variety

  • Scrollthatshitup

    So how do we get a fucking shirt i wanna part of internetssss

  • tee hee hee

    Best christmas gifts, this year i'll be the best….. KCCO shirt poster and the Bill Murray poster

  • Bestgfever

    I really need kcco to sell out before my BF buys one since I bought him one for Christmas!!!! How many are left?

  • rossy

    never mind the posters who the feck are the babes #2 #5

  • bse35

    that's cool

  • I'm Out!

    WFT?! "must be pproved"?!!! BULLSHIT!

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