Smoking hot girl shoots AMD 65 –I’m currently like Pavlov’s dog (Video)

I know I posted the hot girl in jeans video yesterday, so you’ll have to forgive me for going back to another hot girl video today. But in my defense, the girl is wearing yoga pants for God’s sake. I mean, done and done.

BTW, all I know about the girl is that her name is Lauren. Good luck finding her.

  • Bullet knuts

    Butt jiggle recoil, yes!!!!

  • Merlin

    That was absolutely magical. Thank you chive

  • dano

    Looks like a very attractive young lady…def need MOAR of her ASAP!!

  • Ian.

    sooooo can we see this in slow motion?

  • Cigar Guy's Mustache

    Check out the guy's youtube channel (asmo6), there's a few more of this girl. The shotgun video includes a nice view of her face at the end. Very pretty.

  • anon

    I believe those are leggings not yoga pants.

  • G1880

    I Fall in love with girls on the chive very easily, and I just have again.

  • Pat15

    maybe the best video post in chive history

  • Kevin

    We need MOAR of her.. cant get a hump wednesday or mind the gap picture?? cmon guys "FIND HER!"

  • Brotherdarryl

    Advertising has never been more dead on. How much?

  • fred

    Makes a very distinctive jiggle when fired

  • dude

    that was way better than i thought it would be!

  • mike

    need to slo-motion that recoil! yummy.

  • CalAb13
  • bisketz

    GIF time!

  • Master_Rahl

    MAN! Gotta love guns & buns ('specially when they jiggle like THAT!) woooooooo!!

  • Paul

    If you look closely you'll see trees in the background….

  • Lds

    much better then the jeans girl.

  • Dash Riprock

    Did she hit any targets? Uh – wait – she had a gun?

  • etcrr

    Nice jiggle

  • Faraday

    This TOTALLY goes with "things that bounce thursday"

  • Lame Man

    Ass recoil absorption is hot stuff.

  • Daniel


  • dfas

    that is awesome. I know you say it's impossible but FIND HER

  • bristal palin

    Why for no slow-mo

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